Outsourcing Medical Billing to Improve ENT Account Management

outsource medical billing services

The success of your medical practice relies heavily on the skills of your employees to provide top-notch ENT billing and coding services. Any significant amount of errors, rejected or denied claims, can mean financial and potentially legal trouble for your business. Many practices were caught off-guard by the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10, resulting in […] Read more »

Why ENT Practices Should Provide Training for In-House Staff

ENT medical billing training and support

It is the responsibility of each medical professional to keep up with his or her training and certification to do their job effectively at the highest level of success. This is not just a smart business practice or an industry requirement, but in some cases, it is also a government-regulated rule. However, beyond the necessary […] Read more »

Hire Healthcare Consultant for a More Efficient ENT Practice

more efficient ENT practice

Clinical coding optimization and online support are just part of the big picture when it comes to creating a more efficient and productive workplace. Your Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practice can benefit greatly from hiring a professional medical consultant who is experienced in the demands and requirements of Otolaryngology account management. MD Pro Solutions […] Read more »

ENT Account Management Support to Enhance Patient Services

ENT account management

While it might not sound as though one has to do with the other, the better you manage Otolaryngology billing and coding within your practice, the more likely you will be to make significant improvements to enhance patient services. An ENT practice should be like a well-oiled and properly maintained machine. ENT account management starts […] Read more »

Specialty Healthcare Consulting for ENT Billing and Coding

When you hire a healthcare consultant to evaluate and provide support for your ENT practice or clinic, it is similar to hiring an expert in any other field to provide guidance and supervision for a project. Sometimes it takes someone who is outside of your office and away from the day-to-day tasks of managing the […] Read more »

Focus on Patient Care: Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Regardless of the size of your practice, the focus should always be on improving patient care and finding new ways to increase customer service. Unfortunately, the time spent on medical billing system issues, tracking down submitted claims, and working on collections can mean less time for your staff to help with patients. There are lots […] Read more »

Outsource Training and Education for ENT Billing and Coding

There is a lot of discussion in the healthcare industry about outsourcing ENT billing and coding services to help streamline the workplace and increase payments. However, there is another approach for office managers, physicians, and administrators who want to keep their ENT account management staff in-house. Training and education, along with online support help, can […] Read more »

Improve Account Management With Professional Audits & Reviews

Do the words “chart auditing” make you want to run for cover? While many physicians and practice managers only use offside CPA audits and surgical chart auditing when their billing department is in trouble, the truth is that these are valuable tools that should be used more frequently. If you want to improve account management, […] Read more »

Specialized Services for Otolaryngology Practices and Clinics

specialized services for Otolaryngology

Many different types of medical practices are choosing to hire a healthcare consultant to help them make improvements across the board concerning billing, account management, and other issues. Whether you need assistance with the day-to-day tasks associated with ENT account management or require something more specific, MD Pro Solutions can help. Our team of highly […] Read more »

Medical Billing Services: Why You Should Outsource ENT Billing

outsource ENT billing solutions

Busy Otolaryngology practices that are struggling to meet the increased demands of medical billing and coding should seriously consider outsourcing their medical billing solutions to a team of professionals. For that matter, new practices can also benefit greatly from making the decision to outsource ENT billing and coding. There are many advantages associated with outsourcing […] Read more »