5 Ways a Medical Business Consultant Can Boost Your ENT Practice

medical-business-consultantEar Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors have a very specific practice. In the field of Otolaryngology, it is important to work with service providers and consultants that have experience working with coding and billing that is related to your specialty. This is especially true today, as the healthcare industry goes through many changes due to the economy and national healthcare reform requirements.

Many studies have been conducted that reveal there are many medical practices that aren’t prepared to handle all of the administrative duties required regarding the use of ICD9, ICD10 and ICD10 cross-links. There are a lot of ENT doctors and offices that also need help with the basic business side of the practice due to busy schedules or lack of trained staff. To help in this area, the rest of this article will focus on the ways that a medical business consultant such as MD Pro Solutions can help with regard to Otolaryngology billing, coding and account management.

#1 – Education
One of the ways that a consultant can help Ear nose and Throat doctors to succeed is by providing education and training for their staff. Keeping up with changes to Otolaryngology billing and coding, as well as federal and state regulations regarding medical billing practices, can be a full time job on its own. MD Pro Solutions provides a comprehensive array of educational tools and resources that can help your current billing team and manager to stay informed of the changes that occur in the healthcare industry. Online testing tools can help you determine how much your team members have learned and where they still need additional training and support.

#2 – Financial
In addition to providing essential help with training and education of your staff and showing you how to use new technology and software to streamline the process of submitting claims, a medical business consultant can also help you to boost your revenue. Studies have shown that by hiring a consultant to assess a practice, most Ear Nose and Throat doctors can make improvements that far exceed the return on investment involved in hiring the consultant in the first place. Improved billing processes, better claims reviews, audits and even marketing assistance can all be used to help boost the financial success of your medical practice.

#3 – Customer Service
Your patients will appreciate the improvements that you make to your Otolaryngology billing and coding. Providing patients with accurate billing and proper claims submission to insurance providers makes the experience better for everyone involved. When you are able to streamline your billing process, you also have more time to spend on customer service and working directly with your patients. Many healthcare facilities are cutting down on staff to reduce costs, so patients will appreciate coming to a practice that can spend more time answering questions and being available for other services.

#4 – Added Value Services
In addition to helping you with billing and coding issues for Ear Nose and Throat doctors, a medical business consultant can also find new ways to expand the services that you offer to your patients. Hiring a medical business consultant to assess the state of your practice and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your office’s ability to effectively provide Otolaryngology services and help you expand your business in ways you might not have considered. A medical business consultant can assist with all the research and set-up to help you grow your practice.

#5 – Improved Billing Process
Regardless of the abilities of your staff or the amount of business your practice provides, there is always room for improvement. New billing software, advanced technology, education and training services, online testing and evaluations – all of these services can be provided to help improve the billing process of Ear Nose and Throat doctors. If you love your current billing provider and system, MD Pro Solutions can help you to improve your set-up without requiring you to switch providers. We can show you lots of ways to improve the process of Otolaryngology billing and coding, while reducing the amount of time required to get the job done on a daily basis.

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