Is Your Ear Nose and Throat Practice Leaving Money on the Table?

medical-billing-mistakesOne of the most common areas that medical practices are losing money these days is in the area of billing. Mistakes made in the area of medical billing and coding can not only cost your practice money, but in some cases, they can even put your relationship with essential insurance payers at-risk. The truth is that most of the billing mistakes made in Ear Nose and Throat practices can be avoided.

MD Pro Solutions specializes in providing professional consulting services to Ear Nose and Throat physicians and clinics, helping them to improve medical billing and coding practices and streamline account management. With many years of experience working in the healthcare industry and specializing in the area of Otolaryngology billing and coding, our team has noticed that there are three common medical billing mistakes that have been the most costly to our clients.

Mistake #1 – Data Entry
Simple mistakes made in the basic area of data entry are the most common source of medical billing mistakes seen in Ear Nose and Throat practices today. Simple errors, such as missed keystrokes or incorrect entries, have been known to add up to thousands of dollars in lost income for a single practice over just a few years. Unfortunately, simple errors like these are often the most difficult to catch.

MD Pro Solutions can help to improve the ability of your billing team and account management through our educational training and industry-specific resources. Online testing is available to help improve your staff’s proficiency with the current billing software and office equipment that you are using. We can also provide a wide range of medical billing consulting services to Ear Nose and Throat physicians and practices to help decrease billing errors. Our team can also review and analyze your claims submission applications to identify possible data entry errors prior to actually submitting them for payment. A complete audit and review of your medical billing system can also be provided.

Mistake #2 – Coding Errors
Because the healthcare industry experiences rapid changes on a regular basis, it is important to keep up with the complexities associated with Otolaryngology billing and coding. As services are added and removed, your billing staff needs to remain highly trained in the area of coding to make sure you are properly billing for your services. Missed codes and coding added in error can not only cost you money, but can also pose other risks, including your working relationship with insurance payers and issues regarding federal and state laws.

MD Pro Solutions offers a variety of services that can help you in this area. If you suspect that your Ear Nose and Throat practice has been experiencing medical billing coding errors, we can audit and review your current system to identify any potential coding errors. Going forward, our team of professional medical billing and coding experts can double-check claims submissions in the future to avoid coding errors. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive education and training program to your billing team and manager that will help keep everyone abreast of changes in Otolaryngology billing and coding to improve overall account management. Online testing and other assessments can be used regularly to ensure that your team is proficient in the latest coding requirements.

Mistake #3 – Duplicate Billing
Account management is essential to the success of your Ear Nose and Throat practice. Computer software programs have become very helpful in the avoidance of duplicate billing errors in the healthcare industry in recent years. Unfortunately, human errors can still play a part. The most common example seen in medical billing and coding errors is for a service that has been coded or keyed in different ways, resulting in two different billings for the same service. Basic user error and an Otolaryngology billing and coding system that fails to check for duplicates and errors are most often to blame.

MD Pro Solutions provides comprehensive consultation and review services to physicians and practices with a focus on Otolaryngology billing and coding. Once your current billing system and account management program are properly assessed, we can recommend changes and improvements to help avoid duplicate billing and other common errors. Our professional auditing service can help to protect you from duplicate billing errors in the same way that it can protect you from basic data entry errors and coding mistakes. We can also provide a custom education and training program for your billing staff and management team to help prevent most issues surrounding user error with regard to duplicate billing. Regular testing can help ensure that your team stays on top of the latest changes made in the healthcare industry.

MD Pro Solutions is the Best Insurance Policy Money Can Buy!
When it comes to running your Ear Nose and Throat practice, keeping your staff educated about changes made to Otolaryngology billing and coding is vital to its continued success. By providing your billing team and management with a focused education and training program designed to avoid common medical billing and coding errors, you will greatly reduce common mistakes made in this area.

MD Pro Solutions is a team of expert professionals who are highly trained and experienced in the area of Otolaryngology management, billing and coding. We work with your existing billing team and manager to ensure that your practice will survive all of the changes being made to the healthcare industry. Our consulting services can help you to increase receipts, ensure provider compliance and improve fraud prevention.

Protect your Ear Nose and Throat practice and start billing for and collecting on all of the money you have earned. Call MD Pro Solutions today to get started on a path that will optimize your coding, educate your staff and improve the overall management of your medical billing and coding. Call us at 508-946-1665 or visit our website and use our online contact form to get more information about all of the options available through MD Pro Solutions.