Why ENT Practices Are Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

why-outsourceThere is no one-size-fits-all solution for otolaryngology billing and coding. Every office needs to find the way that works best with their organization in order to get fast and accurate credentialing that will not just “get the job done,” but that will get the job done right. While some might do better with in-house account management, others will thrive and do better when they are outsourcing medical billing services. There are pros and cons to both, however more practices are turning to outsourced services to keep costs down and ensure accuracy, especially with all of the changes that have been happening within the medical industry.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

While focusing on your patients and their needs is always number one, when running an office you need to also keep your eye on the bottom line. Cash flow is the “life blood” of any medical practice and otolaryngology is no different. If something were to go wrong, any interruption in the billing and collection of patient costs and fees could negatively impact the practice as a whole. When considering whether or not outsourcing medical billing services is right for you, make sure to weigh the cost of the account management services and compare it to the abilities of your staff and the amount of time it takes them to provide you with fast and accurate credentialing.

Outsourcing medical billing services for otolaryngology billing and coding can:

  • save you money associated with computer hardware and software
  • reduce staffing costs, training services and support
  • eliminate the need for a separate billing department space inside your office
  • be a great way to save time, money and stress for small or new practices
  • give you more free time to spend on caring for patients and less time on bills
  • allow you to just provide medical care and not have to be the “bad guy” bill collector

Some reasons why ENT practices turn over account management to a third party:

  • problems with in-house staff performances, absenteeism and consistency
  • issues regarding overhead costs, such as staffing and benefits
    budgeting concerns regarding purchasing new hardware or software to keep up with changes in medical industry requirements
  • reduction in cash flow due to computer problems, staff turnover or holidays
  • to keep up with guidelines and regulations, coding changes and requirements implemented by government agencies and private insurance companies

Common Concerns

When it comes to outsourcing medical billing services, many ENT practices hold off due to some pretty common concerns. Fears about a loss of control over account management and worries about whether fast and accurate credentialing will be consistent and reliable can all be eliminated by doing your due diligence and hiring a company that is certified, trained and experienced in otolaryngology billing and coding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get references if you have any concerns about who to do business with for medical billing services.

Other concerns that practices have about outsourcing medical billing services include concerns about a loss of quality and consistency with billing and collections. The risk of fraud or erroneous claims being filed under your name are also chief worries among many practice owners and office managers. Hidden costs or fees can also be worrisome, as many practices wonder whether or not they will be billed for extra services that they weren’t aware of or if they will be charged for resubmissions or other special tasks. If you take your time and ask questions before hiring an account management service, you won’t have to worry about what “might” happen.

Call MD Pro Solutions for Quality Professional Services

One way to avoid all that is to work with a company that has provided many years of trusted services to ENT practices and clinics throughout the United States. MD Pro Solutions provides a wide variety of account management services, fast and accurate credentialing, training and certification, support and consulting, in addition to outsourcing medical billing services. Our team specializes in otolaryngology billing and coding, plus we ensure that all of our technicians are up on the latest technology and are prepared for the coming ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition.

Give MD Pro Solutions a call at 508-946-1665 and find out why so many ENT practices rely on us for quality otolaryngology billing and coding services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and can provide you with a complete estimate for any of our account management, training or support services.