Healthcare Consulting: Don’t Be Afraid of the ICD-10 Deadline

icd-10-deadlineIf your practice has not yet prepared for the upcoming ICD-10 deadline, you might be in panic mode right about now. Billing coding and management has changed a lot in recent years, but no more than the impending changes that will take place in October 2015. Overall, the number of procedure and diagnosis codes will increase from 17,000 to over 140,000, creating a lot of concern and distress throughout the medical industry. Otolaryngology management billing and coding is not exempt from the ICD-10 deadline changes. Many practices, clinics and hospitals have taken steps to hire a healthcare consulting firm to help them make the necessary changes, upgrade systems and change staff.

A Major Adjustment

No one is arguing that the changes coming with the ICD-10 deadline aren’t going to require practices to dedicate a lot of time, money and effort into transitioning from the old otolaryngology management billing and coding to the new. Even the information provided to medical practices by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) from the Field Testing Project that was done regarding the ICD-10-CM transition states that approximately 16 hours of training is required for those that are experienced in billing coding and management. Other healthcare professionals may require more training time.

The AHA and AHIMA stated in their report that an additional 16-24 hours of additional training for ICD-10-PCS codes will also be required. Again, less experienced personnel may require more hours of training. In addition to training, upgrades will have to be made to software – and possibly computer systems, if they are outdated – to accommodate the new codes. Practices that aren’t already training and putting new systems in place could end up being out of luck for required training sessions. Claims and transactions submitted after the deadline that don’t use the ICD-10 codes will be rejected, causing all sorts of financial problems in the process.

Strange Codes Coming

If you haven’t had a chance to look at all of the changes that are coming with the ICD-10 deadline, you will be in for a surprise. Some of the new codes that have been added for otolaryngology management billing and coding, as well as other areas of the medical profession, are a little strange. Some of the codes are so specific that chances are pretty high you will never have to use them, even if they refer directly to Ear, Nose and Throat treatment and diagnostic coding.

Some of the craziest codes that have been added for billing coding and management include:

  • W5539 – accidental contact with a goat
  • Y92026 – injury at a mobile home swimming pool
  • W49 – exposure to abnormal gravitational forces
  • W201XXA – struck by an object due to the collapse of a building
  • W6112XA – struck by a macaw
  • V94810 – water transport accident involving both civilian and military watercraft
  • X52 – prolonged stay in a weightless environment
  • Y93D1 – stabbed while crocheting
  • Y34 – an unspecified event of undetermined intent

Chances are, whatever your patients come in to see you about, there will be a super specific code available to use to identify it in the otolaryngology management billing and coding after the ICD-10 deadline. Hiring a healthcare consulting firm to help ensure that you and your staff are properly trained, certified and ready to handle the impending changes can help save you a lot of money in the long run. In other words, it is one of those investments that pays off in actual financial reimbursements.

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