6 Reasons Why It Pays to Outsource Medical Billing Services

6-reasonsOne of the most demanding tasks associated with running a medical office, outside the practice of the medicine itself, is medical billing. With all of the changes being made in recent years to clinical coding optimization and the transition to the new ICD-10 coding, more and more practices and clinics are opting to outsource ENT billing and medical billing services for other types of medical services. There are a lot of advantages associated with using an outsource billing solution that you might not have considered. Beyond the obvious benefits, there are several other ways that choosing to outsource your medical billing services can really pay off for your otolaryngology practice.

Reason #1 – Gives You More Time to Focus on Patients
Whether you take care of your own billing and clinical coding optimization or you have an office manager who takes care of it for you, chances are someone is doing double duty. When you choose to outsource ENT billing to a professional and trusted service, you gain more time that can be spent working with patients. This can be a huge benefit to small practices or busy clinics that are often overworked even without having to think about medical billing services or transitioning to the new ICD-10 coding. This will help you to be more efficient and effective in providing your patients with the best possible medical care without having to put in any more hours than you are already working.

Reason #2 – Reduces Billing Associated Costs
Believe it or not, outsourcing your medical billing services can actually save you money compared to hiring employees to work in a billing department, keeping up with the latest billing software and training required for ICD-10 coding and other advances made in the medical billing field. Contact a reputable company that works with ENT practices and clinics, such as MD Pro Solutions, to get a FREE estimate on the cost of services and compare real numbers for yourself!

Reason #3 – Boosts Cash Flow
Who could argue with a boost to cash flow? When you outsource ENT billing, you have a consistent work flow that processes your invoices and takes care of billing related issues every single day without sick days, vacations or distractions due to increased patient flow. This helps to keep claims steadily going out and cash coming in to boost your cash flow and help increase the overall success of your otolaryngology practice.

Reason #4 – Reduced Errors
Another great advantage to working with professional medical billing services is that you can rest assured that your claims will be submitted accurately and in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the company that you choose to outsource ENT billing with to make sure that all of their billers are properly trained and knowledgeable about what is required in order to properly submit medical claims on your behalf. This helps to reduce the number of errors and it also helps you to increase efficiency with regard to your submissions.

Reason #5 – Improves Compliance
Because the healthcare industry is constantly changing and growing, it can be difficult for small practices or overworked clinics to ensure that their billing staff are knowledgeable about all the changes in order to stay compliant with new regulations and requirements. Insurance companies and changes in the Medicare, Medicaid and other healthcare programs can really make it difficult to stay on top of all the changes. When you outsource ENT billing, it is important to choose medical billing services that can provide you with clinical coding optimization, ensure that you are prepared for the upcoming ICD-10 coding and keep you compliant with the latest requirements.

Reason #6 – Better Customer Service
Another great benefit of outsourcing your medical billing services is that you will be able to provide your customers with better service, resulting in more satisfied patients. When you outsource ENT billing you have the opportunity to work with your patients, allow your nursing staff to work with your patients and allow your receptionist to greet your patients and handle phone calls. Hiring a professional to take care of billing and clinical coding optimization, especially in the light of the changes coming with the new ICD-10 coding, allows your to reduce the amount of work that would be placed on you and the rest of your in-house staff.

Call MD Pro Solutions for Quality Medical Billing Services
If you are in the market to outsource ENT billing and other professional services for your otolaryngology practice or clinic, contact MD Pro Solutions. Our team of trained, certified and knowledgeable medical billing services professionals and consultants can help you with valuable services that can help you to grow your practice and allow you to take advantage of all the benefits associated with outsourcing these important services.