Hiring a Pro for Fast and Accurate Credentialing Services

medical-credentialingAs a part of our wide range of billing and management services for otolaryngology practices and clinics, MD Pro Solutions also provides fast and accurate credentialing to our clients to help expedite this process. Medical credentialing is a process that is used to evaluate and validate the experience and qualifications of physicians and medical practices within the industry. A typical evaluation through credentialing will include the license, education and training history of the practice. This process is key for any practices or clinics that want to become part of an insurance company’s network.

There is a clear advantage to being part of such a network, so the credentialing process is very important. It is essential for any provider who wants to be part of a network so they can provide care for their patients who use a particular insurance company. If an ENT practice or clinic does not have the proper credentialing, they might only receive a partial claim payment from the insurance company. This can result in the patient having to pay higher costs just to be seen at the practice in order to retain their desired physician. Fast and accurate credentialing is important to the otolaryngology clinic and to the patients, as it helps them to be able to work together more easily.

Do You Need Credentialing Services?
There are many different types of consulting and services available to ENT practices and clinics through MD Pro Solutions. Because we specialize in taking care of clients who work in the otolaryngology field, our team can help you get the services you need without offering you anything that you don’t. From outsourcing medical billing services to getting training and support for the upcoming ICD-9 to ICD-10 changes, we can help you to maximize the earning potential of your practice and assist you in all of the services you require to help grow your business.

Our selection of fast and accurate credentialing services can help you get on track with every single provider in your office. We have many years of experience in working with Ear Nose and Throat practices and clinics, so we are able to provide a complete array of services to help you accept more insurance companies and serve more patients than ever before. We will even work with you to include all of the key documents with each completed application, including your declaration pages, certifications, current licensing, CMEs, malpractice narratives and more before we send it off to your office for signatures. This helps us to provide a complete application to help streamline the process.

What Can You Expect from MD Pro Solutions?
When you hire a professional organization like MD Pro Solutions to provide essential services, it is important to know what to expect. Our credentialing services are only for insurance payers and not for hospital privileges and other options. This helps us to keep our focus on otolaryngology clients and their specific needs within the practice or clinic. We provide initial credentialing and also re-credentialing for absolutely every provider within your office to ensure that everyone in your group is able to offer the same options to your patients, regardless of who they are seeing when they make an appointment.

Other services that we provide include:

  • fast and accurate credentialing processing for new providers as a means of helping you to save time and money
  • on-site visits to your facility and other personal services, as needed
  • comprehensive preparation of all applications, relevant documents and other supporting information
  • the completion and storage of all 855s for Medicare patients
  • professional account management and record keeping of all applications that are made to insurance companies on your behalf

Account Management Services & More
In addition to credentialing, MD Pro Solutions also offers account management services, training programs, billing and management services, options for outsourcing medical billing services, auditing and reviews, reporting and communications, plus a wide range of educational options. Once again, it is because of our many years of experience working with Ear Nose and Throat practices and clinics that we are able to provide such a complete and thorough line up of services to our clients. For more information on any of the services that we provide, including our fast and accurate credentialing, give us a call at 508-946-1665.