5 Reasons Why Practices Should Outsource ENT Billing & Coding

5-reasons-billingIf there’s one thing that a medical office is short on, it’s time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to take care of all the ENT billing coding, patient paperwork, appointments and other required operations that are needed to keep the practice running smooth. With all of the changes that have happened recently with regard to clinical coding operation, many practices are choosing to outsource ENT billing.

If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing medical billing services to a professional organization, look no further than MD Pro Solutions. In addition to providing your practice with all of the training, certification and consultation you need to get a good start or get back on track, we also help our clients who want to outsource ENT billing and coding, as well as other professional services that can help to enhance their operation.

The Case for Outsourcing Medical Billing Services
Opening up a brand new practice can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any office staff or experienced billers working for you that you can count on to accurately provide you with clinical coding optimization and everything else you need for professional quality ENT billing and coding. The impending switch to ICD-10, brand new coding requirements and other concerns can be challenging, both to new practices and established practices that haven’t made changes or upgrades in a long time.

Whether you just want to outsource ENT billing temporarily until you can hire your own staff, re-train your current staff or continue outsourcing medical billing services indefinitely, MD Pro Solutions can help you find the best option available for your otolaryngology practice. If you have never considered outsourcing professional services for your ENT practice, take a look at the top five reasons why practices and clinics are choosing to outsource billing and coding today.

Reason #1 – Cost Effectiveness
Doing your own ENT billing and coding in house means having all of the computers, software and staff, not to mention all of the training and certification, to ensure that you are adhering to industry clinical coding optimization standards. It can cost a lot less to outsource ENT billing and coding services because you don’t have all of the initial investment required or the continuing training and support that is needed to stay on top of current medical billing practices. Overhead, employee costs, insurance, office space and making time to do the billing and follow-up itself can all be quite costly.

Reason #2 – Better Results
While your office staff might be OK at taking care of all your ENT billing and coding, they can’t compete with the high level of professionalism available through MD Pro Solutions when you decide to outsource ENT billing. Outsourcing medical billing services gives you the opportunity to streamline your efforts, provides you with a team of billing and coding experts who do nothing but focus on your account. Every single outstanding claim will get tracked until it gets processed and paid and the claims that are submitted are guaranteed to be accurate to prevent delays in payment. All of this aside, the training and level of accuracy and speed available through professional outsourcing services cannot be matched in office.

Reason #3 – The Industry is Always Changing
If there’s one thing you can count on in the world of medical billing, it’s that nothing stays the same, the industry is always changing, growing and evolving. Healthcare in general has changed much in recent years and things like ICD-10 and other major upheavals haven’t helped it any. Because things are always changing, it is important to keep staff trained and on top of those latest changes in order to enjoy true clinical coding optimization. Each year there are new and removed CPT codes to keep track of, fees that change and rules that seem to morph and tweak between different carriers. To eliminate the need for constant training and upkeep, outsourcing medical billing services for your ENT billing and coding is a smart solution.

Reason #4 – Get Control of Billing
Maybe your office is a little behind on your billing and follow up with clients, perhaps you are underwater with your Medicare claims, even hiring ENT billing and coding specialists as a temporary solution to help you re-gain control of your billing department can be a smart decision. Just because you commit to outsource ENT billing doesn’t mean that it is a forever commitment. Some practices are outsourcing medical billing services for just a few months or even a year until they can get all of the training, certification and experience for their current office staff for ICD-10 and other essential changes.

Reason #5 – Time Management
If you no longer have to worry about staying on top of ENT billing and coding, or your staff no longer has to split time between patient services and billing, you will have more free time to do what it is that you do best: provide quality medical services to your patients. Imagine no longer having to worry about filling out paperwork and filing claims. You can outsource ENT billing to a reputable company that is experienced in the otolaryngology field, such as MD Pro Solutions, and put all of that extra time on your hands to good use.

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