The ICD-10 Deadline is Here: What’s Next for ENT Practices?

icd-10-deadline-octAfter months and months of preparation, waiting and wondering, the ICD-10 deadline is now officially here. No more delays, no more putting it off – if your otolaryngology practice is not ready and already using the ICD-10 coding, chances are you are already aware of the consequences. No one said that the ICD-10 implementation was going to be an easy task. Compared to ICD-9, the ICD-10 changes are quite overwhelming. If your billing team does not know what to do with regard to these changes, your only hope right now to get on track, is to hire some professional help.

Are There Enough Codes?
Believe it or not, after all of the complaining about the new ICD-10 coding, which features thousands upon thousands of very specific codes, there are some medical practices and clinics that are reporting that there aren’t enough codes to cover the unique needs of their practices. Ear Nose and Throat practices are one of the areas where many believe that the new ICD-10 changes are incomplete. In fact, many are saying that the ICD-9 code covered their needs more completely before the ICD-10 implementation.

As practices work to find the right codes for specific diagnosis and procedures, the ICD-9 codes – no matter how well loved or accurate for a particular specialty – are now no longer allowed to be used. The move itself was mandated by the CMS or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and has also been implemented by private insurance providers as well. Despite the fact that there are nearly 70,000 diagnosis codes, a huge leap from the 14,000 or so available through ICD-9, the more “blanket” approach to coding with ICD-9 is now even more coveted by medical billing departments nationwide.

How to Get Ahead of the ICD-10 Deadline
While the changes are already in effect, it is still possible to get caught up with the ICD-10 changes. Some practices have been training their staff, getting support from professional consultants and performing system assessments to ensure that they were ready to go. Others took a more laid back approach, relying on the off chance that CMS might delay the ICD-10 implementation yet again after years of watching and waiting. But the day has officially come and ICD-10 coding is now the way of the world. If your staff is not faring well with the changes that have occurred following the ICD-10 deadline, you might need some extra help.

MD Pro Solutions provides a wide variety of educational and training services to our clients. We can help with just about any area of account management, training and support related to otolaryngology practices and clinics. Part of our service includes providing your staff with all of the education and support that they need to respond to all of the coming changes within the healthcare industry, including ICD-10 implementation. We can also provide you with outsourced billing services to take care of your current practice billing while your staff gets on board with ICD-10 coding. This will help you keep the cash flow moving into your practice so you won’t fall too far behind.

Our team is comprised of industry experts who have many years of experience working specifically in the Ear Nose and Throat specialty field. We are highly trained in the area of account management, billing and coding to better assist your staff with training, education, resources and support. MD Pro Solutions can even work with your front desk staff and in-house billing team to help increase skills and ensure that you are getting properly paid for all of the work that you do by optimizing your coding and streamlining your system.

Take Control: Call MD Pro Solutions
If you are having issues with the ICD-10 changes or have not met the ICD-10 deadline, call MD Pro Solutions right away at 508-946-1665. In addition to training, support and outsourced billing services, we can also assist with a wide variety of account management services, auditing, reviews, credentialing services and much more. Contact our office to learn more about our services or to schedule a FREE initial consultation. With over 45 years of working with otolaryngology account management and billing services, MD Pro Solutions can help you get back on track and start maximizing the potential of your medical practice.