Medical Billing and Coding: How to Improve Account Management

improve-account-managementNo matter the size or specialty of your practice or clinic, there is always room for improvement. Every medical office could stand to make improvements that will help them to improve account management and increase revenue. Through a comprehensive solution that consists of training and education, along with offside CPA audits to determine where changes should be made, it is possible to improve your medical billing and coding with the help of a qualified healthcare consulting firm like MD Pro Solutions.

Overall, increasing your practice revenue can be achieved by streamlining your practice so you can attract new patients to your office and learn how to collect more from each patient who walks in your door. Many practices are essentially leaving money on the table by not properly billing or coding patient accounts. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare consultants and trainers can provide you with all the tools and knowledge that you need to increase practice’s potential.

Getting More Patients to Your Practice
The best way to increase your revenue is to get more patients into your practice. This means attracting new patients and encouraging existing patients to come in for regular check-ups to maintain your relationship with them. When it comes to otolaryngology, there are often patients who should be coming in more frequently that don’t due to busy schedules or just neglecting to make an appointment. There are things that you can do through training and education from our healthcare consulting firm that will help you to increase regular visits.

While it might seem strange to think about marketing your practice, the best way to improve account management is to think about your ENT practice as a business. While your focus is still primarily on your patients and their health, the medical billing and coding side of running a practice is important to everyone involved because it helps to keep your clinic open and successful. The more you can learn about your target audience – the general demographic of your current patient list and the type of patients that require your services – the more likely you will be to increase your revenue through increased visits.

One way to increase patient visits is to change the way you contact your patients. Make it easy for patients to make appointments and set reminders so they won’t forget to come in on the right day and at the right time. Automated messages, email newsletters, social media and other technology-based tools can be used to help you improve the way that you communicate with your current patient list. Provide tools that your patients can use to refer friends and family members to your practice with a one-click button on your website or social networking page.

Improve the Way You Collect Payments
Another way to boost the success of your ENT practice is to make improvements on the way that you bill, code and collect payments for services. Offside CPA audits can be extremely helpful at identifying areas that need improvement, but in most cases it is your medical billing and coding practices that really work to improve account management and collections. Making the decision to hire a healthcare consulting firm to provide you and your staff with the training and education required to make these changes is a big step in the right direction.

In some cases, a growing practice just doesn’t have the time or man power to dedicate to proper medical billing and coding, especially with all of the changes that have occurred in the area of billing within the medical field in recent years. These practices can benefit from using an outsourced billing solution while other training and education is provided to help office staff learn how better manage their time and get on board with the new coding requirements. This can be a temporary solution or a long term planned, based upon your office and the staff that you have available to handle this type of work.

Studies show that when you hire a professional healthcare consulting firm to focus on education and support for medical billing and coding to improve account management, you can get the tools to recover a large percentage of outstanding accounts receivable within the first couple of months. Effectively managing your patient accounts and staying on top of communications and collections can help you to boost revenue and get your practice back on track.

MD Pro Solutions Can Help
Whatever you need in the way of training and education to help you with medical billing and coding, online or phone support, outsourced medical billing services and certification, we can help. Our team consists of healthcare consultants and educators who can assist with offside CPA audits, work with your staff to improve account management and provide you with all of the support that you need. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to learn more about our services or to get a FREE estimate to help you achieve your goals.