Hiring Professional Help to Improve ENT Account Management

improve-ent-managementOne of the best ways to “get it together” for any Ear Nose and Throat office is to hire an account manager that can help control all of the day-to-day tasks that help to keep everything running smoothly at the office. Staying on top of everything can be overwhelming, but if you have a well-planned system in place, you will be able to keep your focus where it belongs – on your patients. While medical billing and clinical coding optimization are important to the overall success of any practice, clinic or hospital, the needs of the patient must always be addressed first.

Deviating from that focus, even for just a little while, can cause important duties to fall through the cracks. Your office should be a well-oiled machine that takes care of everything all at once without missing a beat. To improve account management, you may need to hire a consultant to evaluate your office’s current situation to find out what, if anything, needs to be changed or upgraded in order to make things run more efficiently. MD Pro Solutions has a team of professionals who specialize in otolaryngology and have an intimate understanding of what is required to make improvements for an office that is struggling.

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions?
Our team of medical billing and ENT account management specialists are highly trained to help office managers, billing departments and other related staff to get on track with things that will help to boost efficiency and effectiveness. A lot of practices were caught off guard by the implementation of the ICD-10 changes and their staff members need education, training and support with regard to the new requirements for clinical coding optimization.

Because we specialize in otolaryngology, we can help you stay focused on the coding that you will need to use every day in your ENT account management in a way that is designed to get quick and long-lasting results. Our team will work with your entire billing team and office manager to ensure that everyone is doing everything that can to get effective results in the most efficient way. The goal is to maximize the earning potential, while striving for success with each and every claim that gets submitted or bill that gets processed.

So Many Changes to Healthcare
It is very understanding why so many medical practices, clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed. In recent years the federal government has imposed sweeping changes on the healthcare industry that have virtually changed the duties of medical billing staff overnight. The day-to-day duties of a large or growing practice can also contribute to the lack of time for proper training, leaving some offices way behind and unprepared to handle everything that needs to be done. The ICD-10 changes alone have been very frustrating to many offices, causing difficulties in processing claims and a significant drop in revenue.

Our team can help you with all of the education and training updates that your team needs along the way. We can also supply you with several options for support to help you maintain your ability to properly manage and run your office. The best way to improve account management is to identify the problem, attack it head on with professional services and find ways to make changes that will make your staff to be more effective and efficient, saving everyone time and money to improve the bottom line of the practice. Taking a pro-active approach is the best way to get everyone back on track and working toward the same goal.

What Should You Expect
MD Pro Solutions provides a wide variety of services that are designed to improve ENT account management, help with clinical coding optimization and help practices to overcome issues relating to the recent ICD-10 changes. In addition to those services, we also offer a wide variety of consulting, auditing and outsourced billing and coding services that can help keep things running while you focus on getting control over your billing office.

Some of the other services we provide can include:

  • front office staff training and education
  • medical billing code updates
  • complete analysis of billing practices
  • review of all billing programs, medical systems and forms currently being used
  • teach staff how to increase receipts through charge capture, no show rates and clinical coding optimization assistance
  • account reviews scheduled periodically to stay on top of account management
  • perform offside audits via a professional CPA for fraud prevention
  • online and phone support for continued efficiency after training

Call MD Pro to Improve Account Management
If you are interested in learning more about our consultation, education, training and support services at MD Pro Solutions, give us a call at 508-946-1665. We can help you make essential changes to your ENT account management, help you tackle problems with the ICD-10 changes, boost clinical coding optimization and provide you with the support you need to keep everyone on track and working toward success. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained and skilled ENT account management specialists.