Online Coding Help and Support for Otolaryngology Practices

online-coding-helpOne of the best ways to keep your staff working effectively and efficiently is to provide them with online coding help and support in addition to training and education for otolaryngology management, billing and coding. The world of medical billing and coding has changed much in recent years and even recently educated staff members can benefit from updated information in areas like ICD-10 coding, Medicare reimbursement and other essential services.

While phone support can be very beneficial and should not be overlooked as another great resource to your medical billing and coding office, online coding help can sometimes be even more effective and efficient. Help is immediate without having to dial in and wait for a technician to provide assistance and the support that is given is typed out so it can be copied and saved for use again in the future or to share with other employees who are experiencing similar problems.

Popular Education and Support Programs
When it comes to education, training and support, there are a few areas that our clients within the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) field focus on the most. While otolaryngology management, billing and coding isn’t all that different from the work that needs to be done in other fields, the specific coding that is relevant to this specialty and the type of services and patients that are served within the office are definitely unique.

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to assist with online coding help for medical billing and coding, Medicare reimbursement or other patient account management issues, you can rest assured that our entire team is highly trained in the area of otolaryngology management, billing and coding. In fact – that’s all we do! Part of the consultation services that we provide to our clients is to offer education and training that is required to ensure your practice will be able to stay viable and profitable in this ever-changing industry.

What to Expect: Professional Support
Our team can work with everyone in your office from the front desk staff all the way to the billing team and everyone in between to improve the knowledge and education of medical billing and coding so that they all have a greater understanding of what is required. Our goal is to help you optimize your coding system so you are able to maximize your earning potential while reducing errors to protect your practice from losses associated with fraud or billing inaccuracies.

Our online coding help is instrumental in assisting staff members with the immediate information they need in order to keep up with your otolaryngology management, billing and coding on a day to day basis. In addition to these services we can also provide extra help in the areas where you and your staff need it the most:

  • online coding help for ICD-10
  • online coding help for CPT with RVU global days and CCI edits
  • development and implementation of policy manuals
  • financial policy education for patient accounts
  • testing, training and support online for your entire staff
  • education and training for medical billing and coding software programs
  • training, testing and screening for authorizations

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions
There are a lot of companies out there that offer services for medical billing and coding education, training and support. However, MD Pro Solutions specializes in the medical specialty of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physicians, clinics and hospitals. This singular focus helps us to provide you and your staff with all of the information and online coding help they work with each and every day rather than having to wade through hundreds of thousands of new ICD-10 codes that you will never use.

When it comes to otolaryngology management, billing and coding, as well as online coding help for Medicare reimbursement and other essential skills, no other service can beat the abilities of MD Pro Solutions. Our consultants, educators and support staff all work together to ensure that you have all of the information you need to improve your medical billing and coding, to make it more effective, efficient and profitable.

To find out more about MD Pro Solutions or to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, give us a call at 508-946-1665. We can help with a wide variety of services, including account management, auditing and reviews, credentialing services and much more.