ENT Account Management: The Importance of Audits & Analysis

Audits and AnalysisWhen you hire a health consulting firm to help you and your team improve your ENT account management, medical billing and coding, Medicare reimbursement or to perform offside CPA audits, it is important to stay on top of your fresh, clean start through the use of continued audits and analysis that can be used to measure performance. Annual chart audits, surgical chart audits, annual fee schedule reviews and an annual analysis of ENT account management as a whole, are just some of the services that can be provided when you work with a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in otolaryngology like MD Pro Solutions.

Unfortunately, for many of our clients, just the word “audit” or “analysis” can make them feel worried or concerned, causing a lot of undue stress. The truth is that these audits are done in-house as a way of helping physicians, practices and clinics to check their own performance. They can be used to identify any areas where improvements can be made. In other words, when you work with MD Pro Solutions to improve your ENT account management, auditing and analysis tools are a good thing!

What is a CPA Audit?
You will often hear the term “offside CPA audits” being used with regard to medical office management. A CPA is a certified public accountant, so that makes it easy to remember that offside CPA audits just mean third-party financial audits. Offside CPA audits can be very beneficial, helping practices to evaluate and understand how the internal control system of the medical billing practices are working and to analyze any variances or issues that are discovered during the audit. Overall, it can help the practice to better understand what they are doing, identify if there are any errors or fraud occurring, and assist with any type of required financial reporting.

In addition, offside CPA audits can help your ENT account management team to observe things like supply inventory accounts, confirm accounts receivables or accounts that are collected by outside third parties, and even evaluate the overall success of the medical billing department. As a healthcare consulting firm, MD Pro Solutions can help you learn how to use the results of audits and analysis activities to improve Medicare reimbursement, patient receivables and boost cash flow for the long-term success of the practice. Performing your own annual audits and analysis can help prepare your practice or clinic for any future required audits by outside entities and agencies.

How Audits Can Help
There are many ways that chart audits can help an otolaryngology practice. From assisting with compliance issues to improving administrative ENT account management, this is a very important benefit of working with an experienced healthcare consulting form that specializes in your specialty. A chart audit can be conducted on just about any aspect of healthcare that would normally be documented within the patients’ medical records. If you are experiencing any issues that are delaying payments or hindering timely responses to requests for information or care, you can identify them and fix them through the data gathering in chart auditing.

The reason why your healthcare consulting firm recommends annual chart audits, surgical chart audits and even offside CPA audits, is to ensure that your overall ENT account management practices and procedures are effective and efficient. Audits and analysis programs are seen as a proactive method for improving the quality of your practice. It reveals large amounts of data in an easy to read report that can help physicians and practices to identify areas that need improvement or surprising statistics about the level of care that is being provided that they might not even realize is happening.

Work With a Professional
Chart auditing and analysis are just a few of the methods used for quality improvement efforts. When you hire MD Pro Solutions as a healthcare consulting firm for your practice or clinic, you gain many years of knowledge, experience and training, right at your fingertips. Identifying the things that you want to accomplish, such as improving Medicare reimbursement, providing education and support for medical billing staff, boosting revenue through better collections, or wherever you think you need the most work, can help our team help you to achieve your goals.

MD Pro Solutions has been providing quality ENT account management training, education, certification, support and services to otolaryngology physicians, practices and clinics for many years. Our team has over 45 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry. We have developed a series of solutions that are designed specifically for doctors in the Ear Nose and Throat field. It is our goal to work with our clients to help them learn how to boost their revenue, improve their medical billing services and ENT account management, through improved education, tools and support.

If you are interested in learning more about how MD Pro Solutions can help you and your practice, give us a call at 508-946-1665. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have or schedule you for a FREE consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced agents. If improving ENT account management is your goal, or if you are interested in annual chart, surgical chart or offside CPA audits, contact our healthcare consulting firm today.