Top 7 Reasons for Outsourcing ENT Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing ENT Billing and CodingThanks to all of the changes in ENT billing and coding, due in large part to the recent ICD-10 changes and Affordable Care Act regulations, many practices have elected to outsource ENT billing with a company that specializes in otolaryngology healthcare support and services. Outsourcing medical billing services may sound like you are taking the “easy” way out, but for many practices and clinics today, choosing to outsource ENT billing is the best way to provide effective and efficient ENT billing and coding without risking delays, penalties or other problems associated with staff deficiencies or issues with regard to training on the new methods and coding requirements.

While there are many, many reasons to consider outsourcing medical billing services for your otolaryngology practice or clinic, today’s list will just feature the top seven. MD Pro Solutions specializes in working with Ear Nose and Throat physicians and practices to assist with education, training and support, as well as options to outsource ENT billing. We can help your staff get on track with the ICD-10 changes through a series of training programs, while ensuring that you don’t have any delays in cash flow by managing your ENT billing and coding with our outsourcing services program.

Reason #1 – More Control
While it might seem that you would lose control by outsourcing medical billing services, you are actually gaining control and better oversight of your practice’s revenue cycle. Through detailed reports and overviews of your practice’s ENT billing and coding, you will be able to have a better view of what is going on in your medical billing department.

Reason #2 – Better Programs
Even if you are current on your medical billing software, which a large percentage of practices are not, when you outsource ENT billing you are working with a professional company that will have access to all of the latest and most advanced upgrades and software in the industry. ENT billing and coding services can offer you and your patients the best technology, the most options for multi-payment and the latest requirements in billing and coding for best results.

Reason #3 – No More ICD-10 Worries
Even though a one year grace period was given for practices regarding any mistakes when using the ICD-10 changes, it is still a huge concern for many ENT practices and clinics. If you are not confident in your use of ICD-10 coding or have already made some mistakes in this area, you can count on MD Pro Solutions to take care of these details for you without you having to worry about all of the training and education, software updates and time constraints due to using this new system.

Reason #4 – More Space
If you decide to take the complete plunge and outsource ENT billing and coding on a permanent basis, you can free up more space at your office by removing the entire billing department. Rather than updating hardware, operating systems, software and other essential programs on what has seemed like an annual basis in recent years, you can just “let it go” and use that space for more office or patient care areas.

Reason #5 – Reduce Staff
The healthcare industry has a major shortage of trained individuals who are capable of performing proper medical billing and coding with the ICD-10 changes. The high turnover rates that are currently plaguing the industry can no longer be a concern as you put your focus back on hiring skilled and experienced patient care provider instead of worrying about billing and coding.

Reason #6 – Reduce Phone Calls
Does it feel like your phone is ringing off the hook? A large majority of those calls are likely directed to your medical billing department. When outsourcing medical billing services, billing and claims errors are virtually eliminated, stopping the phone calls before they ever get placed. In addition, all calls would go directly to the service that you hire to outsource ENT billing instead of to your practice, once again freeing you up to put your focus back on the patients where it belongs.

Reason #7 – Happy Patients
When you decide to outsource your ENT billing and coding to a professional source like MD Pro Solutions, you end up with happier patients. Because billing and collections are handled by an outside source, your patients will only see you as the source for their care. You won’t have to bug them about financial matters and they can deal directly with the professional staff that handles the outsourcing of medical billing services on a daily basis. This helps everyone to work more effectively and efficiently, creating happy patients, staff members and physicians.

Contact MD Pro Solutions to Outsource ENT Billing
If you are thinking about outsourcing medical billing services for your otolaryngology practice, consider MD Pro Solutions. We are a professional healthcare consulting service that specializes in working with ENT physicians, practices and clinics. We can help you outsource ENT billing, assist with ICD-10 changes support and training, either on a full-time basis or part-time until your staff gets on board with the new requirements. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 for a FREE consultation or to learn more about all of the professional services that we provide.