Custom Medical Reporting: Outsourced Reports for ENT Offices

Custom Medical ReportingWhen trying to improve your in-house ENT billing and coding, one way to accomplish this is by hiring healthcare consulting companies to provide you with custom medical reporting. Your custom reports can be used to highlight issues that are occurring that could be causing delays or rejections for Medicare reimbursement or issues with patient billing. A healthcare consulting firm like MD Pro Solutions, which specializes in providing professional services, consultations, support, training and outsourcing medical billing services for otolaryngology practices nationwide.

There are many challenges faced by medical practices and billing departments today. All of the changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry in recent years, including the ICD-10 implementation, have caused delays in processing and cash flow, resulting in financial or legal problems for many offices. Custom medical reporting can help you to take the “temperature” of your practice’s billing and coding skills, to make sure that you are doing everything possible to ensure proper processing for Medicare reimbursement claims and direct patient billing services.

How to Improve Medical Billing
The best way to make improvements to your medical billing department, once issues have been identified through custom medical reporting, either by your own in-house reports or through healthcare consulting companies, is to hire a healthcare consulting firm to provide you with the tools that you need to make improvements. This is the fastest and most cost-effective method to improving your ENT medical coding and billing. You can even consider outsourcing medical billing services, either on a temporary or short-term option, while you take care of business and work with your staff to improve in-house billing practices.

Here are some ways that you can make improvements in-house:

  • Technology – Make sure that your billing software is up to date and that your billing staff is well versed in the use of all programs associated with this department. Look into getting software that can help you double-check your billing and coding work, as well as online support from healthcare consulting companies like MD Pro Solutions. This is especially important to ensure proper Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement in light of the recent changes. Top quality software should help you stay focused on collecting payment from clients and seeking payments from providers.
  • Reporting – Use custom medical reports to your advantage. When you hire a healthcare consulting firm to come in and run custom reports, you can have them set to focus on specific areas where you know improvements are needed, as well as do an overall reporting to ensure that other areas are performing as they should. Reports can aid in decision making regarding your billing department, even indicating whether outsourcing medical billing services might be the most cost-effective method of managing your billing department. Custom reports can also be used to boost productivity with the staff, let you know where you are lacking or experiencing excess in staff, as well as to identify any potential errors or coding problems before they get out of hand.
  • Communication – Working directly with patients to ensure that co-payments and other payments for medical services are made up front can be a great way to boost revenue. Make sure that you effectively communicate the terms of payment to your patient via signs and in forms that must be filled out and signed before exams or treatment are given. The goal is to eliminate any confusion about the billing practices of your office. Patients need to know about your policies regarding medical insurance, payments, co-payments and any other billing procedures that your office adheres to that would be related to their visit.
  • Data Collection – Another area that goes hand-in-hand with communication is the collection of patient data. The best way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your medical billing department is to collect accurate and current information about your patients. When outsourcing medical billing services, this data will help to enable the service to maximize collections. When doing billing in-house, this data will help you to get provider, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement more effectively. A healthcare consulting firm can help you to create a data collection form that will provide you with all the details you require, including the patient’s full name, address, employer information, contact information, date of birth and other essential data.

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