Improve ENT Account Management: Training & Support for Staff

Improving Account ManagementWhen it comes to account receivables management in an otolaryngology office, accuracy and detail is very important. People who work with things like insurance verification, Medicare reimbursement and, of course, billing and coding services, need to be professional and always willing to learn. The best way to improve account management in your Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practice or clinic, is to send your staff for additional training and online coding help.

Much has changed in the healthcare industry in recent years, so it is more important now than ever before that you make sure your staff is up-to-date on their knowledge and use of critical ICD codes and other essentials. Your staff is required to focus and remember a lot of detailed information in their day-to-day operations of account receivables management. Depending on the size of your practice, they might go through thousands of codes in a single day, and must be able to do it quickly and accurately.

Computer Skills are a Must
Another way to improve account management is to make sure that all of your employees are current with their computer skills. Using a computer effectively and efficiently is a key part of being able to keep up with account receivables management, including insurance verification, Medicare reimbursement and also to get online coding help. Our team can work with your staff to ensure that they are adept at using the latest programs and software to make daily billing and coding go even faster.

A basic skills course or refresher can be beneficial to long-term employees, updating skills with spreadsheet and word processing software, as well as use of peripherals like printers, copy machines, scanners and fax machines. All of these tools and equipment are required to write letters, print invoices and documents, communicate with insurance payers, colleagues’ offices and pharmacies, as well as many other important parts of basic account management.

Medical Terminology Knowledge is Important
One of the biggest changes in the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition, was that account receivables management departments were required to learn a lot more about medical terminology than ever before. In order to properly code and bill patients and payers, and to improve account management overall, your billing department team needs to understand the basic contents of a patient’s chart. The understanding of medical billing and coding guidelines is required in order to properly note diagnoses and procedures that have been provided to patients.

If your staff is not up on medical technology or requires a refresher, our team can also assist with this as well. If a lot of training and online coding help is required, we can even offer outsourced billing and coding services to improve account management until your staff is ready to jump back in and get on board. Your billing department needs to understand coding language, be able to read medical invoices, and properly identify medical terms used in the patient’s chart to properly bill the insurance company. Without this knowledge, medical billing errors will abound and your cash flow will begin to slow.

Tips to Improve Account Management
If you are able to get your team in for training and support to get them up to speed on the changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry in recent years, it will greatly improve your abilities with regard to account receivables management. Being able to enter ICD and CPT codes, understanding the associated charges, knowing how to input them into the practice management software, posting payments, insurance verification, Medicare reimbursements, filing claims and creating statements for patients should all be something your team can do quickly, easily and effectively.

Contact MD Pro Solutions for a full run down on all of the tools, training, support and programs that we have available for ENT practices and clinics that can help you to improve account management and increase your cash flow. If your billing department is having visible issues, we can also provide a complete and comprehensive consultation to help you identify the areas where they are having the most trouble. We can supply you with online coding help once the training is complete, as well as provide ongoing training, testing and evaluations to ensure that they do not fall behind again in the future. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to get more information about our account receivables management programs, credentialing services, auditing and reviews, outsourced billing services, and much more.