Tips for Temporary Outsourcing of Billing and ENT Services

Temporary Outsourcing of Billing ServicesWhen some people think about outsourcing billing and ENT services, they consider how much time this type of service would save them, but the also worry about losing control. Your medical practice is similar to other businesses in that there are busy seasons and slow seasons. Depending on where you are located, that busy season might be in the spring when the seasonal allergies start and begin to wreak havoc on patients, or it could be in the late summer to early fall when the tourist season hits the northeastern states. Whatever the natural fluctuations of your unique practice, there are some times during the year when your ability to stay on top of ENT billing and coding can be in jeopardy.

Some practices have started to work with a healthcare consulting firm, such as MD Pro Solutions, to find better ways of doing business so they can maximize their potential. This helps not just with boosting earnings through better collections and claims submissions, but also by freeing their staff up to spend more time with patients to provide excellent customer service. They outsource ENT billing during certain times of the year when their in-house staff can’t possibly keep up or when they need “all hands on deck” in the exam rooms when things get busy. Outsourcing does not have to be a permanent solution. It can be seasonal, temporary or on an as-needed basis to help you stay on track.

ENT Billing and Coding Solutions
It pays to work with a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in otolaryngology. Our team doesn’t just know ENT billing and coding in addition to other medical specialties, it’s ALL we do. We don’t provide professional services for any other type of practice, just otolaryngology practices and clinics. Because we specialize in your field, our team can jump in and take the reins on your billing and coding services to allow you the time to spend with your patients. MD Pro Solutions will work with you to make sure that your ENT billing and coding methods, software and practice are up-to-date. We will even work with your staff to train them on how to make improvements that will increase your bottom line.

When you are ready to take it back over again after your busy season is over or once you feel that your staff is properly trained, just contact our healthcare consulting firm and we will turn your ENT billing and coding back over to you. We can also provide online support, additional training, and other professional services designed specifically for ENT practices and clinics, that will help you to maximize your earning potential. Claims that are filed accurately and efficiently helps you to eliminate rejections and keep income flowing into your practice. When your staff it well-trained and equipped to be on top of the latest changes to medical billing regulations, you feel confident in your abilities to keep moving forward.

Maintaining Control
The biggest concern from physicians and practice managers is about losing control over ENT billing and coding. When you outsource ENT billing with MD Pro Solutions, we provide you with all of the control, oversight and support that you need while you are outsourcing your billing ENT services with us. Our team of consultants and experienced otolaryngology billing and coding staff can help you to reduce future liabilities, costs for processing claims, and increase your return on investment. It’s like sending your dog in for boarding services, but when you get him back he’s completely trained, groomed, and better than when he left.

You might also be surprised to discover that when you outsource ENT billing with a healthcare consulting firm like MD Pro Solutions, that you are actually saving money. When you add up the cost of the employees who were previously dedicated to just doing ENT billing and coding, include the cost to hire them, provide insurance, paychecks and other benefits, as well as training and support, in-house software and computer equipment, it actually costs less when you are outsourcing billing ENT services. If your staff was doing split duties, spending half the day with ENT billing and coding and the other half with patients, you can now dedicate them full-time to helping patients and full that need as well.

Contact MD Pro Solutions
If you would like to learn more about how to outsource ENT billing and coding for your practice or clinic, give our healthcare consulting firm a call at 508-946-1665. We can provide you with a wide range of training, support, and professional services that you can use to your advantage to boost your results with ENT billing and coding. Call today for a FREE consultation or to learn more about how MD Pro Solutions can help!