Continued Education & Training: Professional Medical Billing

Medical Billing and Coding Education and SupportOne of the most important areas of education and training for staff at an otolaryngology practice or clinic, is in the area of professional medical billing. Clinical coding optimization isn’t just one of those certifications that you get and forget, but something that needs to be maintained. While your individual staff members are responsible for maintaining their certificates, it is in your best interest to enlist the assistance of healthcare consulting services, which can provide additional education and training for medical billing solutions. Not only will this help your staff stay on top of their certifications, but it will also improve the overall abilities of your in-house billing and record-keeping departments, to help you provide better all-around services to your patients.

What Your Staff Needs to Do
There are a lot of requirements for professional medical billing. Once a person earns their billing and coding certification, they need to maintain it by paying an annual fee to the certifying organization, as well as to earn continuing education units or CEUs. Depending on the type of certification and the organization under which you are certified, there will be different minimum CEU requirements. Staff who work with medical billing solutions need to continue education and training by taking classes in person or online, attending seminars and by keeping clinical coding optimization current through other methods.

The point of all this is to ensure that your staff is familiar with the latest changes to the healthcare industry requirements. The “mad dash” to learn ICD-10 could have been avoided by many individuals, practices and clinics, by staying on top of education and training through qualified healthcare consulting services, such as MD Pro Solutions. It is important to find a consultant who specializes in the type of practices that you work with, such as otolaryngology. Clinical coding optimization for common exams, diagnosis and treatment for Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) practices should be a key focus of your education and training for professional medical billing.

What You Need to Do
As an office manager or owner of an otolaryngology practice or clinic, it is your job to stay on top of your staff’s education and training by making sure that your office is able to keep up with current standards and provide the very best of care for your patients. Education and training ensures prompt payments, correct coding practices, and helps to prepare you for any future changes to requirements for the healthcare industry. The more your staff knows about clinical coding optimization and medical billing solutions, the less likely you will be to have costly mistakes made to billing and coding.

Contact MD Pro Solutions to work with our healthcare consulting services specialists to find out what you can be doing to provide or encourage education and training for your staff. Whether your goal is to make improvements to professional medical billing knowledge or to increase abilities for clinical coding optimization, our team can help. We also provide instruction and support for better account management, auditing and reviews, credentialing and recredentialing services, reporting and communications services, and much more. We believe that education and training is the key to your success. Our team is fully trained in the most current solutions, services and software for management, billing and coding in otolaryngology.

What to Expect from MD Pro Solutions
When you contact our team to get more information on education and training or other types of healthcare consulting services to make improvements to your professional medical billing and clinical coding optimization, you can expect a comprehensive approach to making improvements that will increase the education and knowledge of medical billing solutions for both you and your staff. Our goal is to help each client to optimize their professional medical billing abilities so they can maximize their earning potential, while protecting their practice from fraud or other billing issues at the same time.

Some of the services that we provide to our clients include:

  • online coding help for CPT with RVU global days and CCI edits, ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • development of policy manuals and education on patient financial policies
  • continued online training and testing for your staff on medical billing solutions
  • ICD-10 education, training and support
  • authorization training, testing and screening
  • reviews, audits and other analysis to improve results across the board

Contact MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665 and speak with one of our staff members regarding education and training for your ENT practice or clinic. We can provide you with specific information on the educational and support programs available for medical billing solutions and clinical coding optimization through our service. Call today and find out for yourself why so many otolaryngology practice owners and office managers trust MD Pro Solutions.