Making the Case for Outsourcing Medical ENT Billing Services

Brand new, growing and busy otolaryngology practices and clinics often wrestle with the idea of finding time to take care of billing, coding and other essential services. One way to overcome the time constraints and obstacles that can delay the processing of claims is to outsource ENT billing with a trusted and reliable source. MD Pro Solutions specializes in working with Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practices and clinics nationwide. We offer a variety of services including outsourcing medical billing services, providing training and support to in-house billing staff, and we also provide fast and accurate credentialing.

We Help You to Succeed
When it comes to billing and coding, processing claims and receiving payment for services, timing is everything. Many practices and clinics decide to try outsourcing billing and ENT services out of desperation. When billing gets behind and the cash flow dwindles before coming to almost a complete halt, your practice is in jeopardy. Before it gets to that point, consider outsourcing medical billing services on a temporary basis until you can get caught up or on a regular basis while your staff undergoes training to learn how to expedite the process.

One of the biggest misconceptions about outsourcing billing and ENT services is that once you do it, it’s hard to get everything back in-house. When you work with a healthcare consultant agency like MD Pro Solutions, you will quickly find that our entire purpose is to help you and your practice succeed. If your goal is to temporarily outsource ENT billing while you train your staff, expand your practice, hire new employees or get on board with new software and technology, then that is what we will provide. As soon as you are ready to stop outsourcing medical billing services, our team will help you with the transition.

Top Reasons to Outsource ENT Billing
If you are still on the fence about outsourcing billing ENT services or hiring a third-party to assist with audits, reviews or fast and accurate credentialing, take a look at the following list for all of the reasons provided by medical practices and clinics that are outsourcing medical billing services.

  • Boost Revenues – When you outsource ENT billing, your accounts are being handled by a team of highly trained and experienced experts who work to expedite your claims with amazing accuracy.
  • Save Money – For those who decide that outsourcing billing ENT services is right for them on the long-term, it is possible to save money on staffing costs, including salaries, benefits and insurance, as well as for work stations, training, computers, software and other necessary office supplies.
  • Save Time – Instead of spending so much time supervising your billing department, you and your entire staff can focus on providing care and services for the patient. When you outsource ENT billing, you gain the ability to build and grow your practice without having to worry about what the billing department is doing.
  • Reduced Risk – When you are outsourcing medical billing services to a third-party service provider, you gain the benefit of a completely transparent billing process that is HIPAA-compliant and totally secure to safeguard the data of your patients against hacking or other types of data theft.
  • Industry Compliant – The healthcare industry has undergone many changes to regulations and requirements in recent years, causing many practices, clinics and hospitals to scramble in order to stay compliant. When you outsource ENT billing, you can rest easy knowing that our team is consistently trained in all of the rules, regulations and requirements of the medical industry.
  • Claim Tracking – Another benefit to outsourcing billing ENT services is that the team who will be handling your accounts is trained to review and follow-up all payments to ensure that the insurance carriers are paying the bills accurately. Each and every outstanding claim is tracked until it is paid properly, working to reduce overhead and get you every penny that you deserve.

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