Medical Billing Solutions: Boost ENT Practice Staff Training

The success of your ENT practice or clinic depends largely on the effectiveness of your entire staff. One way to ensure that your staff is working at its optimum level is to provide them with regular training and updates for otolaryngology billing and coding. It helps to work with a reputable healthcare consultant firm that works with your specific specialty. MD Pro Solutions provides online coding help, medical billing solutions, authorization training and more to ENT practices and clinics nationwide. We only work with otolaryngology specialists, so the education, support and services that we provide are designed uniquely for your specialty.

Office Policies & Requirements
If you want to ensure that your practice continues to succeed, it pays to develop written office policies and requirements with regard to continuing education and compliance. If you have any job specific requirements that you want your staff to adhere to, make sure to include it in your office policies and make sure that it is very clear. Our team of consultants at MD Pro Solutions can help you to write office policies and train staff on areas that need improvement to help keep your office running at its optimum potential.

Cross-Training for All Staff
While some offices have staff members that work solely with otolaryngology billing and coding, with other staff members who work the front desk or directly with patients, studies show that when offices cross-train their employees to work in all areas, they are much more successful overall. Even if individual members don’t ever work with billing and coding directly, having an understanding of how it all works will make them more productive and helpful as they verify insurance and gather patient billing information.

While some staff members will be experts in certain areas, as it should be, it is still very helpful for everyone in the office to have at least a basic understanding of what everyone else is doing. It will help them to all be able to work together more cohesively and appreciate the job that each individual is responsible for in the office.

Online Coding Help
Even employees who are up-to-date on all of their authorization training and coding skills sometimes need assistance. MD Pro Solutions offers online coding help as part of our overall medical billing solutions training program to assist when your team needs a little refresher or has a question that they are unable to answer.

Medical Forms Review
Another service that many of our clients appreciate is a complete review of all medical forms that are currently being used at their practice or clinic. The forms that are used to collect insurance and billing information from patients need to be geared toward the medical systems and billing programs that are being used.

Fraud Prevention
In addition to training and support for otolaryngology billing and coding, MD Pro Solutions also helps ENT practices and clinics to prevent fraud through the use of offside audits that are performed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). We can also assist with auditing for your annual charts, surgical charts, annual fee schedule review and an annual analysis of your overall account management. All of these checks and balances, combined with other professional medical billing solutions, can help you to achieve your goals.

Improve Communication
Another very important skill that you need to foster in your office, is to improve communication between all employees and departments. You can have all of the training, online coding help and authorization training in the world, but if you aren’t communicating effectively, your practice will not be successful. Communication is key to providing quality care to patients. Regular meetings with all staff where patient care issues, medical billing solutions and copay collections are discussed can help to improve communication issues.

Strengthening Your Staff
All of this training and support is designed to help strengthen your staff. In some cases, staffing changes need to be made in order to truly make a difference. This does not necessarily mean terminating staff, but it can mean moving one team member to a different job or department in order to bring someone in who is better equipped to handle the position. Employees that are unproductive bring everyone down. Medical billing solutions and online coding help can be beneficial, but it is still important to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Contact MD Pro Solutions
If you are interested in learning more about otolaryngology billing and coding training for your team, contact MD Pro Solutions direct by calling 508-946-1665. From medical billing solutions to outsourcing opportunities, online coding help to authorization training, auditing and reviews to credentialing services, there are a lot of ways that our team can help your team be more productive and successful.