Improve Patient Services = Outsource Medical Billing Services

When push comes to shove, good doctors realize that they may have to relinquish some of their ENT billing and coding services to a team of professionals in order to focus more on patient services. The entire goal of opening an ENT practice or clinic is to provide top quality medical services, treatments, surgeries, and ongoing care to patients. However, as a business grows and evolves, there are times when otolaryngology management, billing, and coding can become so time-consuming that it interferes with your ability to see to the needs of your patients.

It can be difficult to decide to outsource ENT billing services to a third-party, but it helps when you work with a consultant service such as MD Pro Solutions, which specializes in otolaryngology medical billing services, training, and support.

Our goal is to help your practice get on track with all of the management and billing services that you need to succeed. Many of our clients will temporarily outsource ENT billing services while they are working on making improvements or increasing education for staff. We do not pressure our clients to change billing solutions or make it difficult to transition back to doing ENT billing and coding in-house, in fact, we do everything we can to make it easier. Your success is our success.

Healthcare Industry Changes & Growth
The two common factors that often lead ENT practices and clinics to seek assistance from healthcare consultants to make improvements with regard to otolaryngology management, billing, and coding include changes to the healthcare industry as a whole and growth within the individual practice or needs of the local community. In recent years, the healthcare industry has undergone many changes – some good and some bad. ENT billing and coding changed much between the ICD-9 and ICD-10 migration, leaving many practices scrambling to find support and solutions at the eleventh hour.

MD Pro Solutions can provide practices with temporary solutions to outsource ENT billing and keep cash flow where it needs to be, while also working with your in-house staff to provide training and support for medical billing services to get them back on track. If your ENT billing and coding has slowed down, experienced lots of rejected claims, or has come to a screeching halt, you could definitely benefit from the professional training, support, resources, and solutions available through MD Pro Solutions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services
In addition to making it easier for your staff to get on board with current coding standards and requirements, choosing to outsource ENT billing has lots of other benefits that you might not have considered. When it comes to otolaryngology management, billing, and coding, it pays to consider all of the angles to see what might best help your practice be able to provide better services to patients, while still maintaining proper ENT billing and coding practices on a day-to-day basis.

Some of those benefits include:

  • lower operating costs – great for small, new or growing practices
  • highly trained staff – integrating services with existing in-house staff
  • better claims tracking – outsourcing services track the claim until it is processed and paid to its fullest
  • improved control – better control over office management
  • early identification – issues regarding payer reimbursement and entry errors can be identified and fixed before problems occur
  • flexibility – outsourced medical billing services are able to adapt more quickly to changes within the healthcare industry
  • consistent services – because all they do is handle ENT billing and coding, outsourced services are more consistent, providing services without interruption
  • increased payouts – claims are submitted faster, errors are reduced or eliminated, payments come in quickest amount of time available
  • reduced stress – let someone else worry about following up on those claims and collecting payments so you can focus on patients
  • more time for growth – not only will you get more time to provide care to patients, but you’ll have more time to grow and expand your practice

Outsource ENT Billing With MD Pro Solutions
If you are thinking about outsourcing your otolaryngology management, billing, and coding services to a third-party, consider MD Pro Solutions. Our organization was founded by healthcare professionals who were experienced in ENT billing and coding, management, and support. We only work with ENT specialists to provide top-notch medical billing services, education, training, and support. Our team of consultants can help you with authorization training, credentialing, certification, audits, and much more, all designed to help you maximize the potential of your ENT practice or clinic. Give us a call today at 508-946-1665 and get a FREE review of your medical billing services and practices or to learn more about the professional consulting services that we provide.