Strategic Medical Billing Solutions for Busy ENT Practices

Whether your billing department finds themselves “in the weeds” or not, it pays to stay on top of your practice’s medical billing solutions through the assistance of professional and experienced healthcare consultants who specialize in otolaryngology. The goal of the physician is to provide care and services for their patients. The goal of a medical office manager should be to ensure that comprehensive record keeping, claims submissions, invoicing, and receivables are being done accurately and effectively. Whether you are interested in outsourcing billing ENT services or simply want education and support for your staff, MD Pro Solutions can help you to achieve your goals.

Financial Responsibilities for Medical Offices
In addition to billing patients, submitting claims to insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, the financial end of running a medical practice can be layered with responsibilities. Intuitive medical billing solutions should provide practice managers with all of the data that they require to gain insight into the office’s profit and loss, financial resources, and collections procedures. Developing and implementing an operating budget is also a very essential and effective tool to help spot issues before they become big problems.

Office staff needs to be familiar with and comfortable using medical coding as it pertains to common medical and surgical procedures used by otolaryngology specialists. Because they focus primarily on the disorders and problems associated with ear, nose, and throat for patients, ENT medical billing staff need to be aware of the conditions that can affect these areas. Some of the most common procedures and treatments for ENT practices include:

  • endoscopic sinus surgery
  • sleep disorder treatments
  • allergy diagnosis and treatments
  • vertigo and other types of dizziness
  • clinical audiology services
  • cosmetic procedures

How to Boost Revenue at ENT Practices
Office managers who are looking for ways to boost revenue at ENT practices will often rely on the recommendations and medical billing solutions offered by professional healthcare consultants. Some ways include streamlining the process, outsourcing billing and ENT services, increasing training for comprehensive record keeping, improving collections procedures, and implementing co-pay and deductible collection prior to office visits. However, there are other methods that can be used to increase revenue generation that many practices overlook or simply don’t take the time to implement.

Some of the methods used to boost revenue include:

  • identify common codes and claims issues that get rejected
  • hire a consultant to review your medical billing solutions
  • provide staff with training to improve areas that need help
  • obtain online support and coaching for medical billing and coding staff
  • improve comprehensive record keeping for all patients
  • make changes that will boost account receivables management
  • improve patient services to increase value and referrals
  • implement new practices to increase productivity and reduce paperwork
  • go over monthly reports to improve overall management of practice

Why You Need Healthcare Consultants
While some of these tasks could be done in-house, it pays to have a non-partial third-party consultant come through and go over your existing medical billing solutions and practices to determine whether things could be improved, streamlined or upgraded to increase results. When you work with MD Pro Solutions, you never have to worry that you will be pressured into changing your existing medical billing software programs or outsourcing billing and ENT services. In fact, our goal is to help you maximize the results that you can get using all of the tools that you currently have in place. However, if you feel that it is time for a change, our team of ENT healthcare consultants can provide you with recommendations for the latest tools and software that can be used to boost the abilities of your medical billing solutions.

To learn more about all of the professional services available at MD Pro Solutions, including medical billing solutions, training and education, outsourcing billing ENT services, auditing and reviews, credentialing services, and much more, give us a call at 508-946-1665. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare consultants will provide you with a FREE review of your existing solutions to help you find the best tools, resources, education, and support to help grow and improve your ENT practice or clinic. Call today and see why so many otolaryngology practices and office managers nationwide trust the services available at MD Pro Solutions.