Are You Ready to Outsource Medical Billing Services for ENT?

The healthcare industry has been hit by many administrative changes in recent years. As a result, more practices and clinics have decided to improve account management and take control over their otolaryngology management, billing and coding by outsourcing medical billing services. There are many advantages to outsourcing billing ENT services, especially if you work with a professional service that specializes in Ear, Nose and Throat clients like MD Pro Solutions.

Regardless of the type of practice that you run, medical billing can be extremely demanding and challenging. Smaller practices and specialties often have the most difficulty due to staff being spread too thin and not having enough time to stay on top of coding and procedural changes to submitting claims to payers. Many practice managers and physicians have elected to outsource these duties to ensure that the cash flow from patient payments stays consistent. Billing mistakes can be costly to a growing practice in a number of ways.

Reason #1 – More Time for Patient Care
Do you ever wish that you had more free time to spend on taking care of your patients? After all, that is why you got into medicine. Otolaryngology management, billing, and coding can require a lot of your time – even if you have a good office manager. If you are responsible for any bit of medical billing in your office, your focus is being diverted from providing quality care to your patients who need you the most. Outsourcing medical billing services can be a short- or long-term solution, providing you with the time and services you require on your terms.

Reason #2 – Financial Savings
Did you know that it is actually more cost-effective to outsource your ENT billing to a professional service than it is to do it in-house? The truth is that salaries, benefits, training, certification, support, computers, software and other essential resources associated with doing your otolaryngology management, billing and coding in-house really start to add up. You can improve account management, increase revenue and reduce spending just by outsourcing medical billing services. Most services charge either a flat rate per claim or by a percentage of the reimbursement on the claim, reducing the cost per processed claim significantly.

Reason #3 – Increased Accuracy
When you hire a team to take care of outsourcing billing ENT services, you are hiring a group of professionals whose only job is to handle medical billing and claims submissions for specialists in the otolaryngology field. So they are not just experts in medical billing, but also experts in your specific field. These professional medical billers guarantee the accuracy of the submissions they make. It is their responsibility to ensure that each and every submission that they make is done by someone who has received the most up-to-date training and knowledge regarding the proper submission of claims. Outsourcing medical billing services results in a reduced number of rejected or denied claims due to billing errors and helps practices to maximize income.

Reason #4 – Billing Compliance
If your practice has ever been hit with rejected or denied claims, particularly to Medicare, Medicaid, and other popular third-party payers, you know how frustrating it can be to get back on track. Billing compliance issues are quite common these days, due in large part to all of the changes that have occurred in the medical billing industry. You can fight back by outsourcing billing and ENT services with a professional team that has been trained on all of the proper protocols, procedures, and codes required by each payer. This helps you to maintain billing compliance, takes the heat off your practice with rejected or denied claims, and helps you to improve account management across the board.

Contact MD Pro Solutions
If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing medical billing services for your ENT practice or clinic, contact the team at MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665. We specialize in otolaryngology management, billing, and coding. In addition to outsourcing billing and ENT services, we also provide training, support, certification, education and other resources to help you and your practice to get back in control. So whether your goal is to improve account management by getting your existing staff the training and support they require or if you are ready to give outsourcing a try, MD Pro Solutions can help you to achieve your goals.