Hire Healthcare Consulting Services for ENT Billing & Coding

One of the best things that you can do to grow your otolaryngology practice is to hire a professional healthcare consultant to come in and perform an evaluation of everything from ENT billing and coding to patient intake services. Healthcare consulting services can help you determine where change needs to be made and what needs to be improved. That change could mean authorization training and support for your billing department or new approaches and adjustments in the way that your medical staff records procedures and diagnoses on the patient charts.

Day-to-Day Operations
When it comes right down to it, the heart of most problems experienced at medical practices falls in the day-to-day operations. With all of the changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry in recent years, including the ICD-10 implementation and software security requirements, it can be overwhelming. Even with proper coding and authorization training, all it takes is a single mistake repeated over and over to result in a huge batch of rejected or denied claims. If you are experiencing problems with your claims, a healthcare consultant can help you determine the root cause and provide you with solutions.

Working with healthcare consulting services that specialize in your specialty is also important. MD Pro Solutions works only with ENT billing and coding clients, keeping our focus solely on the issues, coding, and solutions that help otolaryngology practices and clinics be more successful. We can assist you with making improvements to record-keeping procedures, chart notations, perform offside audits, offer training and support, plus a whole lot more. Our team can help your team implement an effective and efficient system that will help you keep it all under control and on track.

Ongoing Training & Support
It’s one thing to get training and support for ENT billing and coding when you are new or when problems occur, but the proactive approach is to provide your staff with ongoing training and support to help keep them current. Healthcare consulting services can help you identify the areas that require the most attention but can also help with general medical billing services training, education, and support. Authorization training, credentialing services, auditing and reviews, reports and account management assistance, can all be received through our healthcare consultant program.

In addition to providing you with an assessment of your current situation we can also:

  • provide you with updates on all medical billing codes
  • review all of your forms, billing programs, and medical systems
  • offer training and education for front office staff
  • schedule account reviews for ongoing account management improvements
  • assist in fraud prevention through CPA-performed audits
  • increase cash flow with no show rates, charge captures, and more

Small & Large Practices Can Benefit
It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large practice, chances are good that your office will benefit from healthcare consulting services. In fact, small practices are more likely to benefit from additional services, including outsourcing billing and coding services, online support, and continued training. Large and growing practices can benefit from the services of a professional healthcare consultant as well, as they can be difficult to manage due to the high volume of patients and claims submissions.

MD Pro Solutions wants to help you learn more about our healthcare consulting services. Even if you think you won’t be needing ENT billing and coding training for your staff, you might be surprised at the improvements that can be made with a little bit of education and support. Our goal is to enhance the services that you provide to your patients while working with your staff to boost your revenue. We work together with you and your staff to help you achieve your practice goals. Our team will provide you with all of the resources you need to take advantage of everything our services have to offer.

Contact Our Staff for a FREE Evaluation
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