Improve ENT Patient Services: Hire Pro Healthcare Consultant

Most of the how-to articles that you will see in reference to otolaryngology management billing and coding have to do with improving office management, organization, collections, and record-keeping. However, many ENT practices wonder what they can do to make improvements to patient services. Healthcare consulting services are a great way to get a complete analysis of your practice through the use of offside CPA audits, patient surveys, account management evaluations, and other methods for measuring customer service. Professional businesses that work directly with consumer do surveys and studies like this all the time, so why not take the time to measure your success in this manner for your practice or clinic as well?

Preventing Frustrated Patients
Your patients may love you and the care that you provide to them, but they might still be unhappy with your office, staff, and the way that the payment processing end of things is run. Medical billing and coding is a lot to keep up with and due to all of the recent changes to the healthcare industry, it has become a virtual nightmare for many patients to understand. The more that you can do to ease this situation, the happier your patients will be. It is vital to the success of your practice that you take the time to provide your patients with quality services from start to finish.

One recent study revealed that as much as 96 percent of patients surveyed stated that customer service was the main problem that they had with their physician. It is estimated that a large number of those physicians aren’t even aware of the frustrations experienced by their patients, so they are not actively working to repair the damage. Unfortunately, when patients are frustrated they will often switch to a different provider, hoping for a better experience. You need to do all that you can to ensure that your patients don’t fall into this category.

Patients as Consumers
One way to improve customer service is to start thinking about your patients as consumers or customers, instead of just as patients. Healthcare industry changes have made patients more financially responsible for their own healthcare than ever before through higher copay amounts, increased deductibles, and responsibility for verifying insurance before payments on claims are issued. As a result, patients are now demanding more services from their physicians because they are directly paying more for those services.

If you and your staff would start treating patients like customers, providing them with professional, friendly services, quick responses to phones calls or questions, and giving them your full attention during a visit, you will notice a big difference in customer satisfaction. There is a whole lot more to otolaryngology management billing and coding than just creating an invoice, sending out a bill, and submitting a claim. You need to incorporate better customer services into your basic medical billing and coding skills. Professional healthcare consulting services can help.

How a Consultant Can Help
You might be wondering what kind of help you can expect when you hire healthcare consulting services to assist you in providing better customer service to your patients. Through the use of offside CPA audits, claims reviews, and an assessment of medical billing and coding, consultants can identify specific issues with otolaryngology management billing and coding to provide solutions that will make noticeable improvements. They can do the same thing with customer service. Identifying the areas where patients are having a problem with your office practices is the first step. Once you know where the dissatisfaction is occurring, you will be able to do something about it.

If you are looking for new ways to improve patient services and the overall patient experience at your ENT practice or clinic, contact MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665 to learn more about getting a FREE evaluation. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare consultants can help you identify the problem, assist you in coming up with a viable solution, and even train your staff to help you achieve your goals. Call today and learn for yourself why so many ENT practices and clinics trust MD Pro Solutions for all of their otolaryngology management billing and coding needs.