Outsourcing Credentialing Services for New ENT Physicians

It can be frustrating for everyone involved if the new physician at your ENT practice isn’t fully credentialed. Fast and accurate credentialing can mean the difference between a successful start with the group or a scheduling and billing nightmare. Ultimately, this can become a big problem for the physician, the practice, the billing department, and the patients. Everyone needs to be careful that they don’t schedule a patient or submit a claim to an insurance plan that the new doctor doesn’t have the proper credentials to use.

Credentialing services can take a long time, especially with certain providers. That’s why it’s important to start credentialing or recredentialing services well in advance of bringing the new doctor on board. In some instances, credentialing can take up to nine months, so it pays to start working on it as soon as you make an agreement to bring the physician into your practice or clinic. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. It can take time to get everything in order, even with some of the larger health plans, so it is important to start planning ahead.

Credentialing Options
Some offices take care of all the details regarding credentialing and recredentailing services in-house. If you have an organized office manager and staff who can stay on top of ENT billing and coding, as well as credentialing services for staff, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Some physicians take care of the credentialing themselves, making sure that everything is taken care of on their end before they even get to the new practice. However, if your otolaryngology practice or clinic is like most healthcare businesses these days, you probably don’t have the luxury of extra time to take care of credentialing in-house.

Outsourcing these tasks to a company that provides fast and accurate credentialing that you can trust is most likely the best way to go. If you are already working with professional healthcare consulting services for ENT practices and clinics, such as the services available at MD Pro Solutions, you very likely already have access to credentialing services that can help you take care of your new physicians without having to do very much on your end. It is important to take care of all the paperwork involved in credentialing and recredentialing services as far in advance as possible.

What Could Go Wrong?
If you don’t take care of credentialing services ahead of time and your new physician arrives at the office before everything has been taken care of, you won’t be able to take care of scheduling properly. If none of the credentialing with insurance companies has been handled, your new physician won’t be able to see any patients until it is done. If some of the credentialing services with insurance companies has been handled, your new physician will only be able to see patients who have insurance with those companies.

The credentialing process can be very confusing and complicated. One reason is that every single plan has a different form that must be filled out. You and your staff could spend hours completing these applications and making all of the necessary phone calls to gather the required information. Outsourcing your credentialing and recredentialing services to a professional team via your healthcare consulting services company means that you and your staff will have more time to take care of everyday business needs instead of spending it chasing down information for fast and accurate credentialing.

Contact MD Pro Solutions
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