Professional Medical Billing: Outsource ENT Practice Services

Is outsourcing right for you? A lot of medical office managers might think that choosing to outsource ENT billing would be like giving up control, but the truth is that when you hire a professional medical billing team to take care of your account receivables management, you actually gain control over your billing department. When you take care of ENT billing and coding in-house, it can take your staff hours and hours each day just to review files, find the proper coding, submit the claims, and follow up on claims. In fact, many practices just don’t have enough time in the day to take care of their billing and coding services.

It is important to choose a service that is trained and experienced in working with otolaryngology practices and clinics. You don’t want to be spending the first couple days answering questions about specific codes and procedures for your medical billing system. MD Pro Solutions has decades of experience that you can use to your advantage, so you can hit the ground running and start getting your account receivables management under control. It is important to find a solution that will outsource ENT billing the way you want it done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take your time before making the jump to outsourcing your medical billing system.

How to Spot Professional Medical Billing
As you shop around for a company to assist you with the outsourcing, either on a temporary basis while you get caught up and up-to-date or on a semi-permanent basis, as your business grows, make sure to look for certain hallmarks of a trusted and experienced service. The age of the business is helpful – you don’t want a company that just opened up last week to be entrusted with your account receivables management, whether you have a small practice or a large clinic. There should be some stability and longevity there that you can check on while making your evaluation.

You should also make sure that the company offers all of the services that you need to get back on track. Do they also offer education, training, and support for your staff? Will you be able to get comprehensive reports of all the work that they are doing as part of their professional medical billing services? Do they offer healthcare consulting services as well to help you identify other issues you might not even know exist? Remember, your office’s cash flow and reputation depend on how this company does business, so it pays to take this seriously. Get all of the information on cost, company policies, and don’t be afraid to ask for references from other otolaryngology practices and clinics.

In-House vs Outsourcing ENT Billing
Sometimes it’s helpful to make a few comparisons between what you’re doing now and what you could be doing with your medical billing system and claims submissions if you were to outsource ENT billing. If you have a team of trustworthy employees who have many years of experience working with billing and coding, you might only want to outsource on a temporary basis while you make changes to your medical billing system. Some office managers prefer to have their billing staff in-house where they can just walk into another office and get answers. For the long-term investment, having your account receivables system working effectively in-house is the ideal situation. However, employees eventually move on or retire, requiring new hires to come in that might change the dynamic, resulting in a staff that is less effective over time.

While you might think that it is more costly to outsource ENT billing to a company like MD Pro Solutions, it has actually been proven to be less costly over time. The salaries, benefits, insurance, workstation, software, and office space required to have a billing department in-house seriously outweigh the costs associated with a third-party solution. Having all of this work handled out of the office can also reduce legal liabilities with regard to superbills, claim denials, patient billing information, and other items that can be harmed through simple neglect. Continuous service is another benefit of outsourcing your professional medical billing, as it won’t matter that one staff member called in sick or was out on vacation, as there is always another professional who is trained on using your medical billing system waiting to handle your business.

Consider MD Pro Solutions
If you are in the market for a professional medical billing and consulting company who can help you out with training and outsource ENT billing, consider MD Pro Solutions. We have decades of experience working solely with otolaryngology specialists and can provide you with comprehensive services and support for your account receivables management system. Give us a call today at 508-946-1665 and get a FREE evaluation of your current medical billing system and office procedures.