9 Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing ENT Billing Services

We hear a lot of negative things in the news about outsourcing; however, that generally pertains to companies that outsource customer service, technical support, and other over-the-phone type services overseas. Outsourcing medical billing solutions to a team of professionals who are trained, certified, and experienced in ENT billing and coding services right here in the United States is an entirely different proposition. Many practices, clinics, and even hospitals choose to outsource ENT billing for some very beneficial reasons. You might be surprised to learn of some of the advantages associated with outsourcing billing and ENT services to reputable companies like MD Pro Solutions.

Reason #1 – Boost Revenue
When you decide to outsource ENT billing to a professional company like MD Pro Solutions, chances are very high that you will increase your revenues. This happens in two ways: in cost savings compared to hiring in-house billing staff and through improved services. When you hire a single worker or team to provide you with in-house billing, you need to pay a salary, benefits, insurance, and other associated costs. When you are outsourcing medical billing services, you pay the rate agreed upon with the service provider, and that’s it. You also gain the ability to submit claims more effectively and quickly, reducing errors that could cause rejected or denied claims, which results in increased reimbursements and better revenues overall.

Reason #2 – More Control
One of the reasons why some people are afraid of making a move to outsource billing and ENT services is that they feel they will lose control over this sector of their practice. However, the truth is that you gain control when you outsource ENT billing because you now have a team of dedicated, skilled workers whose only focus is to take care of medical billing processes on your behalf.

Reason #3 – Patient Safety
When you choose to outsource your medical billing solutions to an experienced and reputable provider, you can rest assured that your patient data is safe. In addition to using a transparent billing process, companies like MD Pro Solutions are HIPAA-compliant and use only 100 percent secure processes to safeguard against hacking or data theft.

Reason #4 – Reduced Labor
Not only do you save by not having to hire staff and maintain compliant software and computers at your office, but you also can reduce labor costs. Studies reveal that the average practice or clinic spends approximately 30-40 percent of their collections on the process used for medical billing. Many costs are eliminated or reduced when you outsource ENT billing to a third-party service. You can also focus on hiring staff that is dedicated solely to providing patient care services instead of worrying about multi-tasking for billing and coding.

Reason #5 – No Upfront Investments
As mentioned in other reasons, some of the cost savings come from not having to purchase computers and software or pay for upgrades and repairs associated with both expenses. Other investments no longer have to be made as well, including making space at the office for a billing department, purchasing furniture and office supplies for a billing department, and anything else associated with medical billing solutions.

Reason #6 – Industry Regulations
Outsourcing medical billing services also means avoiding issues like the industry-wide panic regarding changing regulations, such as the recent problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ICD-10 changes. The rules and regulations surrounding medical billing will always continue to change and evolve over time. When you outsource ENT billing to a company like MD Pro Solutions, that is no longer your concern. Their staff will continuously be trained according to the latest changes, allowing you to keep your focus on patient care.

Reason #7 – More Time
Speaking of patients, outsourcing billing and ENT services means having more time with patients. That’s the whole reason why you got into otolaryngology in the first place, isn’t it? With less time being spent on medical billing solutions, you and your staff will be free to devote more time to taking care of patients and providing top quality services that will help to grow and build your business in the local community.

Reason #8 – Positive Relationship
Another sometimes hidden advantage of outsourcing medical billing solutions is that you remove the negative experience of billing and collecting from your office entirely. When patients come to see you and your staff, they won’t have to worry about negative contact due to financial issues, either from a billing mistake, rejected claim, or past due balance. By pushing all of that out of your office structure, you and your employees can maintain a positive relationship with your patients that is not tainted by financial concerns.

Reason #9 – Specialized Services
When you outsource ENT billing, you gain access to some of the best trained and experienced medical billing and coding providers in the country. Outsourcing medical billing services through an organization like MD Pro Solutions, which only works with ENT specialists, provides you even more specialized services. Not only do they code and submit claims on your behalf, but they also review and follow-up on all payments to ensure you are being paid properly. Professional reports are provided to keep you updated on every single claim to ensure that it is paid fully at the right amount.

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