Benefits of Online Coding Help for ENT Practices and Clinics

If your ENT practice or clinic has been debating the merits of outsourcing otolaryngology billing and coding or keeping it in-house, then you might benefit from the services of online coding help and support for ENT account management. MD Pro Solutions specializes in working with ENT practices and clinics. We provide a broad range of services, including training and online coding help. If your medical billing system staff have been struggling, either due to recent changes in the healthcare system or as the result of growth in your practice, we can help.

Some assistance is on an as-needed basis, providing ENT billing and coding help on a temporary basis, either through consultation and support or via outsourced services. If your goal is to keep everything in-house, but you have concerns that your medical billing services are not being performed as they should, MD Pro Services can help.

While some office managers are more than happy to turn their otolaryngology billing and coding over to a professional service, others do not like the idea of putting such a vital process into the hands of strangers outside of the office setting. Whatever your preferences or needs with regard to ENT account management, our team can help you to achieve your goals. We will never push you one way or another to use outsourced billing services, and we will even work with you to maintain your existing medical billing system rather than require you to use something new.

Staffing Issues for ENT Billing
If you are having problems with staffing for your medical billing system, either due to a lost staff member or increased demand upon your billing department, you may want to rely on the assistance of our ENT account management specialists and online coding help. Medical billing personnel is in high-demand right now nationwide, so it goes without saying that some practices and clinics are understaffed. Also, with the new requirements for ICD-10 and the healthcare industry as a whole, it can be difficult to find someone who is appropriately qualified and trained in otolaryngology billing and coding.

Some office managers hire outsourced billing and coding services on a temporary basis while they are building up their billing department or get fresh training for existing staff. Online coding help can also be beneficial to continuing education or updates to billing and coding skills. We can create a custom solution that works for you and your budget to help get your billing department back on track and performing as it should.

Problems With the Revenue Cycle
Are you constantly having issues with getting payments for services promptly? Is your business having accounts receivables issues? Problems with medical billing system software, staff training, accuracy, denied claims, rejected claims, and other issues could all contribute to cash flow issues. Whether your billing team is short-staffed or if there are specific coding problems that are leading to delays in receiving payments, you need to take control over your ENT account management. While online coding help can be beneficial, in some cases, additional assistance is needed to get otolaryngology billing and coding up to standards to improve the revenue cycle.

Payment Collections in Office
One of the reasons why many practices and clinics are having issues with cash flow is because they aren’t properly collecting co-pays and deductibles in the office. Setting up a procedure with your front desk staff to get current insurance and patient information, require co-pays to be paid upfront before being seen by the physician, and insisting on deductible payments before scheduling new appointments, are just some of the ways to combat this common issue. With the more payments coming directly from patients in the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements, practices and clinics need to be more forward in asking for payments from patients at the office level, or they could be losing out on a lot of income.

Contact MD Pro Solutions for Help
Whether your staff would benefit from simple online coding help and support or if you need comprehensive consultation assistance to assess the needs of your overall ENT account management system, MD Pro Solutions can help. Our team specializes in otolaryngology billing and coding to provide a vast range of medical billing system services designed to get your office back on track. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 and schedule a FREE evaluation or learn more about all of the options available through our professional service.