Staff Support Services: ENT Account Management Training

Office managers at busy medical offices and clinics need to stay on top of management training and support for staff to maintain effectiveness and efficiency about medical billing and coding, as well as patient account services. ENT account management and authorization training should be updated on a regular basis through the assistance of healthcare consulting services that are experienced in working with otolaryngology practices. Audits can be helpful in determining the effectiveness of the billing department, ensuring that claims are being submitted properly and are not being denied or rejected.

Third-Party Accounts
Unfortunately, one of the biggest “bottleneck” problems at any practice is the third-party account. Always a challenge, and not necessarily a priority, these accounts can add up over time, costing your practice a lot in unpaid fees. It is important to apply the same level of ENT account management and monitoring to these types of accounts as you would to a high-dollar account to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. If you don’t stay on top of it, you could miss out on important deadlines for filing and appealing non-payment activities and lose these third-party fees forever.

When you work with experienced healthcare consulting services to make improvements to your practice’s medical billing and coding department, you can expect attention to be given to these small balance third-party accounts. The idea is that every single account should be managed with the same level of care and resources as every other. If your office is running as it should, then evey single account will be monitored for the collection of outstanding balances to improve the payment ratio, whether the monies come from third-party payers or the patients themselves.

Every Dollar Counts
The goal of any medical practice or clinic is first to help patients and provide quality medical care. However, your ENT office is still a business and needs to be run as such. Our team of licensed and experienced consultants can help you to cut through all of the paperwork and develop a more effective approach to ENT account management that will allow you to spend more time with patients, while still maintaining control over patient accounts. We can assist with training for in-house staff on things like authorization training, comprehensive record-keeping skills, and basic medical billing and coding, as well as provide you with services when you need them to get caught up, clean house, or start with a new approach.

Managing accounts receivable should be a priority. All outstanding balances through third-party payers should be resolved on a regular basis to ensure payment is made. Our healthcare consulting services can help you to increase cash flow, reduce write-offs due to third-party payer non-payments, better manage claim loads, and reduce losses associated with missing filing deadlines. We can even find ways to help you improve the patient-provider relationship, which will make invoicing and collecting payments directly from patients much easier in the future. In fact, many of our clients report a 10 percent increase in collected fees after just a year of working with MD Pro Solutions.

Setting Goals – And Achieving Them!
It is important to take some time to step back and look at your current approach to ENT account management and see what could be improved upon or changed. Set goals for your medical billing and coding department, either to receive the training and support that they require or to make changes in the way that things are done. Professional healthcare consulting services can assist in this task by giving you a non-biased view of the way things are running. Whether your team needs help with the recent ICD-10 coding changes or there are issues with your billing provider, our consultants can put you on the path to establishing a much more effective and efficient office.

Ongoing support via an online help desk or phone assistance can be used after training is complete to ensure accuracy and confidence going forward. Your approach to ENT account management needs to be fluid, ready to grow, change, and adapt to everything new that is being applied to the healthcare industry as a whole. Medical billing and coding is an important part of the success of your otolaryngology practice or clinic. You need to do everything you can to make sure that your staff is trained and equipped with the latest resources to ensure that accounts are filed accurately and resolved before submission deadlines are passed. High-priority and low balance claims need to be given the attention required to ensure that they are properly paid by the responsible party.

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