Compliance Education and Training for Otolaryngology Offices

Each day, your office is responsible for processing numerous accounts for medical billing and coding, ensuring that everything has been done properly to avoid rejected or denied claims from third party payers. ENT billing and coding has undergone lots of changes in recent years, as has the entire healthcare industry as a whole. As a result, education and training have become the “best friend” of busy office managers, providing ICD-10 and authorization training to an overwhelmed and unprepared staff. MD Pro Solutions provides consulting services, as well as education, training, and support programs for otolaryngology practices and clinics.

Ongoing Education and Support
At MD Pro Solutions, we believe that the ongoing training and education of your staff is extremely important to the success of your office. However, we also believe that having access to real-time support can make a big difference, too. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts will assist your team in medical billing and coding education and support, provide you with the tools you need to get the job done right. We will help you get the skills you need to survive the coming changes to the healthcare industry and be ready to adapt successfully.

Our team of consultants and educators won’t just work with your ENT billing and coding department, but your entire office as a whole. You should all be working together toward a common goal. We will train your front desk staff on the proper procedures required to ensure that you are getting paid for the work that you do. MD Pro Solutions will help you set reasonable goals, for both now and the near future, all while helping you to maximize your earning potential, protect your practice, and provide top notch customer support to your patients.

Online Training Services
It is important to take advantage of all the technology that is available in the healthcare industry today and use it to make improvement in the way that we do business. ENT billing and coding training, education, support, and testing can all be provided online for you and your staff. This approach is a remarkable way to increase potential in your office without wasting time with long, drawn-out classes and hours of travel time to and from a learning center.

Some of the areas that we provide medical billing and coding support for include:

  • authorization training, testing, and screening
  • education on patient financial policies
  • coding help for CPT with RVU Global days and CCI edits
  • coding help for ICD-9 and ICD-10 cross-links
  • overall ICD-10 education and training

What is ICD-10?
The “ICD” in ICD-10 stands for the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The number ten represents that this is the tenth version of the global standards for the classification of diseases and other related health problems. The standard for this program is upheld by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is responsible for publishing and updating this list on a regular basis to accommodate all of the classifications required for medical billing and coding.

The goal is to help healthcare professionals to have a greater understanding of the many different points of data that is used for various diseases and health issues. The diseases, signs and symptoms, social circumstances, external causes of injury or diseases, and special cases and findings, are all assigned different codes, which are used to streamline this information for the healthcare industry.

The United States uses a modified version of ICD-10, which is known as ICD-10-CM, which contains changes made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Nation Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). ICD-10-CM expanded the code base previously used for ICD in America from around 14,000 to nearly 70,000 codes. The hope is that this expanded code base will provide more data to help monitor practices, diagnoses, and techniques that are important to the public health.

Contact MD Pro Solutions for ENT Training & Support
If you are interested in learning more about all of the options available for medical billing and coding, education and training, and authorization training and testing for your ENT practice of clinic, make sure to contact MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665. We specialize in Ear Nose and Throat (otolaryngology) clients so that we can provide focused training on ENT billing and coding requirements and compliance. Call today and learn more about all of the professional services available through our organization.