Reduce Medical Staff: Outsource ENT Billing & Coding Services

One of the most demanding jobs in a medical office or clinic is the work that is done by the medical billing department. Apart from the physicians and the office manager, the medical billing staff often have the most hectic and time-consuming jobs. As a result, many practices and clinics are choosing to outsource ENT billing and work with healthcare consultants to find ways to streamline office tasks to reduce overhead and increase profits. By outsourcing billing and ENT services, many practices can reduce overhead costs considerably. Not only do you need to consider the cost of hiring medical billing department staff, but you also need to think about the costs for benefits, insurance, and keeping up with computer technology, software, and billing management systems.

The #1 Way to Cut Costs
Within the medical field, outsourcing otolaryngology management, billing, and coding services is widely accepted as the best way to cut costs. Not only will outsourcing reduce overhead associated with billing staff, equipment, and billing software, but it will also help to make your office more efficient. Increased efficiency allows you to provide your patients with a better quality of services, boosting your value within the local medical community. As a specialist in the field of Ear, Nose & Throat, it is important to gain the respect of peers to gain referrals and confidence as a leader in your specialty. Outsourcing billing and ENT services can help you to accomplish these goals.

Some of the ways that using a service to outsource ENT billing can improve efficiency include:

  • reducing paperwork across the board for all staff
  • eliminating much of the data entry required by nurses and other staff
  • increasing claims approvals and payments from third-party payers
  • reducing denied or rejected claims
  • improving your record with Medicare, Medicaid, and other payers
  • expedite posting of payments received to accounts

Related Consultant Services
In addition to taking on the duties associated with otolaryngology management, billing, and coding, other related services can come from hiring a team of healthcare consultants, such as the services available at MD Pro Solutions. Not only will you not have to worry about turnovers for medical billing staff, but professional consultants can help you to increase efficiencies across the board, keep your accounts receivable department up-to-date, and enhance the bottom line by making sure that all coding has been done properly. Because MD Pro Solutions specializes in working with clients in the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialty, our coding staff has an extensive understanding of the requirements and codes used specifically by otolaryngology clients.

Any healthcare consultants that you hire should have a solid reputation in the industry for providing quality outsourcing of billing and ENT services. They should be reliable and experienced in how your existing software system works without pressuring you to switch providers. A good company that promises to provide services to outsource ENT billing and offer professional solutions to increase revenue while reducing overhead should follow all rules concerning HIPAA protocols and patient privacy. If you can find a provider that can offer all of this and more, you should speak to them about pricing, contracts and ask any questions that you might have about otolaryngology management billing and coding.

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions
We have over 45 years of solid experience working directly within the medical billing and administration industry. Through the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications, we have developed our own unique solutions that were designed specifically for ENT physicians, practices, and clinics. We work one-on-one with each client to help them increase revenue, make improvements to billing services, provide education and training, and offer outsourcing of billing and ENT services as needed. In some cases, the choice to outsource ENT billing is a temporary solution while the staff is undergoing much-needed training. In other situations, the choice to outsource otolaryngology management, billing and coding is long-term, providing a cost-cutting solution to increased overhead for maintaining staff, equipment, and software.

If you are interested in learning more about MD Pro Solutions and would like to speak with one of our representatives about a FREE evaluation, give us a call at 508-946-1665. We can also assist with credentialing and recredentialing services, auditing and reviews, account management training, ICD-10 coding transitioning, and much more. Call today and find out for yourself why so many ENT practices and clinics trust our team of healthcare consultants, medical billing specialists, and educators at MD Pro Solutions.