Healthcare Consulting: Training & Improvement of ENT Billing

Today’s medical practices are very aware of the need to make improvements that will allow their office to be run more effective and efficient while providing quality care to their patients. While some Otolaryngology specialists will decide to outsource ENT billing so they can focus on other aspects of their practice or clinic, others prefer to retain medical billing services in-house. In order to maintain control over the results and ensure that comprehensive record-keeping and compliant coding are a priority for staff, healthcare consulting services can be used to provide valuable insight into the overall effectiveness of the billing department. It is important to have a well-planned system in place that is designed to ensure proper billing, regulation compliance, and industry regulations are being adhered to within the billing and coding department.

Step One: A Professional Assessment
It all starts with a FREE evaluation and professional assessment of your practice’s billing department. This is a significant part of the process and, in fact, it is impossible to provide any consulting advice until it has been completed. Our goal at MD Pro Solutions is to provide each client with the ability to have confidence in their medical billing services and staff so they can stay focused on taking care of patients instead of worrying about claims submissions and accounts receivables. We take into account all of the details relating to the methods, services, software, and practices used by your billing and coding team in our professional assessment to provide you with a complete picture of your current medical billing system.

Step Two: Individual Consultation
While we specialize in clients who work in the Otolaryngology field, we know that every practice is unique and does things in its own way. At MD Pro Solutions, we do not take a “cookie-cutter approach” to the advice and services we provide. Custom solutions are a core aspect of our business, and our consultants are highly trained in every area of management, billing, and coding for ENT practices and clinics. We will work with you on an individual basis to ensure that your medical billing services are working as effectively and efficiently as possible to boost revenue while maintaining a quality standard for customer service to increase patient satisfaction across the board.

Step Three: Education & Training
We have found that the key to running a successful medical practice is ongoing education and training for staff. Recent changes to federal regulations for the healthcare industry have made comprehensive record-keeping and account management a nightmare for many practices and clinics nationwide. Our healthcare consulting team can provide you with resources to ensure that your staff is properly trained and knowledgeable about the latest requirements to reduce rejected or denied claims and navigate all of the important changes. In addition to education and training for medical billing services, we also offer online coding help and other support to boost the confidence of your staff. All of these services work together to provide accurate and timely billing services that are designed to save you both time and money.

Step Four: Additional Services
In addition to our professional healthcare consulting, education, and training programs, we can also help in other ways to ensure that your practice is running smoothly now and in the future. Schedule account reviews can assist with continued account management practices, a complete analysis and update of all medical billing codes ensures accuracy and compliance, a review of all forms and programs currently in-use assists with efficiency, and fraud prevention services are provided through the use of off-side CPA audits. We can also help you outsource ENT billing, upgrade your medical billing services, and even offer solutions that can help to increase receipts through charge captures, coding help, and no-show rates.

Call MD Pro Solutions for More Information
If you are thinking about hiring healthcare consulting services, make sure to contact our office to get more information about the services that we provide. Whether you want to outsource ENT billing or get the training and support required to boost your medical billing services in-house, MD Pro Solutions can help you achieve your goals. Our educational services range from assistance with comprehensive record-keeping to ICD-10 education and training, education on patient financial policies to authorization training, testing, and screening, as well as everything else in between. Call today at 508-946-1665 and see for yourself why so many Otolaryngology physicians, practices, and clinics rely on our healthcare consulting services.