Clinical Coding Optimization: Better Medical Billing Services

Just a few years ago, many Otolaryngology billing and coding departments were resistant to the idea of clinical coding optimization through the use of computer software programs. In fact, many practices and clinics were seriously lagging behind their competitors due to concerns about implementing the coding software. As a result, their delays cost them millions of dollars in errors that could have been prevented, had they only upgraded their medical billing services to a program that provided more comprehensive record-keeping tools and opportunities to optimize coding more effectively.

How It Works

Today, most practices and clinics depend significantly on computer-assisted clinical coding optimization. It is straight-forward and simple to use, working similar to a grammar or spell-check service in a word processing application. The data that was input for Otolaryngology billing and coding is checked against the database, providing alerts if a mistake has been made. The billing department is given the opportunity to re-code the claim using a higher specificity or include additional documentation to achieve the most accurate results. This helps to prevent common errors in coding for medical billing services and provide physicians with a bigger reimbursement to help maintain their bottom line.

Some of the hesitation seen by ENT practices and clinics was understandable, particularly for new or smaller facilities. The initial cost to install the clinical coding optimization software was much higher than it is today. So while the return on investment for the use of medical billing services software has been proven, it was still difficult to get practices to commit to the idea of making the switch. Unfortunately, due to other changes in the healthcare industry as a whole, such as the implementation of ICD-10 and other government regulations and requirements, some practices and clinics continued to drag their feet while continually losing money each month that could have been prevented through clinical coding optimization tools.

Do You Still Need to Upgrade?

At this stage, most Otolaryngology billing and coding departments should have already upgraded to computer-based clinical coding optimization software and tools. However, if your practice or clinic is one of the many that have continued to delay implementation, now is the best time to get the job done. Optimization can help to reduce issues caused by the upgrade to ICD-10, which is still creating ripple effects through the industry. Healthcare consulting services are available to help ENT practices and clinics get on board with the changes, implement tools that can help them optimize their submissions, and reduce the chances of rejected or denied claims due to coding errors.

The coding technology used by an ENT practice or clinic plays a big part in their success. The more effective, efficient, and accurate your billing department is with the submission of claims, the more potential there is for streamlining submissions, reducing audits, and eliminating denied claims. Not only will clinical coding optimization software help to reduce errors made by your billing department, but it will also help you to increase revenue and prevent losses that could negatively impact your bottom line. The coding detail and accuracy required by the ICD-10 changes are much more involved than previous requirements, meaning that comprehensive record-keeping and optimized medical billing services are now more critical than they were before the changes took effect.

How MD Pro Solutions Can Help

Clinical coding optimization can help your ENT practice or clinic save a lot of money in reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid. Compliance with ICD-10 and other industry regulations is an important first step. Our team of highly trained and experienced medical billing services consultants can help you to maximize your existing Otolaryngology billing and coding services while providing you with the tools you need to stay on track. Let’s face it, the new changes to the medical billing industry and various federal regulations have made staying on top of account management for many physicians and clinics a real-life nightmare. Education, training, updates, and ongoing support can help you and your team to better navigate those important changes and increase revenues at the same time.

In addition to assisting your team with clinical coding optimization implementation and other medical billing services that include comprehensive record-keeping training and support, we can also provide you with scheduled account reviews to help maintain account management. Extra opportunities for training and support designed specifically for front office staff can be added, and a complete analysis of all codes used in your office can be provided. In fact, our team can even review all of the forms, systems, and programs currently in use, while increasing receipts through charge capture, coding help, and no-show rates. Offside audits performed by a professional CPA can also be added to help prevent fraud from occurring.

Contact MD Pro Solutions by dialing 508-946-1665. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our services for Otolaryngology billing and coding. We can provide you with a FREE initial evaluation of your existing medical billing services and practices to help identify issues that may be preventing you from collecting the revenue that you have earned. Call today or use our online contact form to reach our office in Lakeville, Massachusetts.