Top 10 Reasons to Outsource ENT Billing to MD Pro Solutions

One of the biggest headaches for ENT account management at practices and clinics across the country is staying on top of coding requirements for medical billing solutions. If you have thought about outsourcing billing ENT services to a professional provider, this article will offer some encouraging reasons why it could be a huge benefit to your business. ENT billing and coding can be quite time-consuming, and with all of the recent changes to federal healthcare regulations and ICD-10 coding requirements, ongoing training and support have become even more important to Otolaryngology practices of all types and sizes.

Reason #1 – Saves Money

While it might seem to be more costly to outsource ENT billing to third-party services like MD Pro Solutions, it can actually save you money each month. The cost to recruit, hire, pay, and maintain in-house staff can be expensive, taking up a huge percentage of your monthly budget. However, when outsourcing billing ENT services to a professional provider, you only have to worry about the price that is quoted to you. There are no hidden fees, extra training or online support that has to be paid for to keep everyone up-to-date with regulations.

Reason #2 – Saves Time

If your staff has been splitting their time between nursing and billing, or if your office manager has been responsible for ENT billing and coding supervision or entry up until this point, these team members can now put their full attention on the job they were initially hired to do. This helps to save time and lets your office be more effective and efficient.

Reason #3 – Better Patient Services

When your team is focused on providing patient services and isn’t worried about staying on top of ENT account management, they are naturally able to provide better quality services. This helps patients to feel more important and creates an all-around happier work environment for everyone involved.

Reason #4 – Professional Results

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to outsource ENT billing, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy or frequency of the billing services that are being performed. ENT billing and coding is taken care of completely by our staff who is regularly trained, certified, tested, and updated on all of the latest billing and coding rules, regulations, and requirements.

Reason #5 – Faster Payments

Because ENT account management is our only focus, there are no delays in submitting claims and receiving payments from the third-party payer. What that means is that your office will receive payment for services much faster and more consistently than you ever did before doing it in-house. No matter how fast or on-schedule your office was with ENT billing and coding, there’s no way that they were faster or more consistent than MD Pro Solutions when you outsource ENT billing with our company.

Reason #6 – Reduced Costs for Training

Additional costs are incurred to keep your staff current with training and support for ENT billing and coding. Outsourcing billing and ENT services means never having to pay for training or support services for in-house staff ever again. Annual training costs can be as much as 8-10 percent of your practice’s operating expenses just to keep your staff current.

Reason #7 – Revenue Cycle Data

When you work with a professional organization like MD Pro Solutions, you will never be uncertain about your revenue cycle data again. We provide complete tracking and data for all submitted claims, whether they were submitted to third-party payers or government entities, including Medicare and Medicaid. Ask about our revenue cycle data reports, which can be provided on-demand or offered on a monthly basis.

Reason #8 – Otolaryngology Specialists

At MD Pro Solutions, all we do is work with Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physicians, practices, and clinics, so the ENT billing and coding, as well as ENT account management services that you receive, will all be geared 100 percent to Otolaryngology specialists. General medical billing professionals may not have experience with the unique needs and requirements of ENT clients, but we have over 45 years of experience working specifically with Otolaryngology specialists.

Reason #9 – Keep Your Current Software

If you like your current medical billing software and want to retain it in case you decide to return to in-house ENT billing and coding in the future, we will help you to do so. Our goal is to provide you with the services you need in the way that you want to receive them, so retaining your existing software is not a problem.

Reason #10 – Easy to Switch Back to In-House Services

Should you ever want to stop outsourcing billing and ENT services in the future, MD Pro Solutions will work with you to make the transition as painless and stress-free as possible. Our team of ENT account management specialists can even provide training, ongoing support, and advice to you and your team, providing whatever services you require to get everything back in-house.

Contact MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665. We can answer any questions you might have about ENT billing and coding services, including training, online support, account management, credentialing services, auditing and reviews, consulting services, and outsourcing billing and ENT services.