Education and Support for ENT Billing and Coding Improvement

Medical Billing Solutions ImprovementsIf your practice has been struggling to keep up with the demands associated with ENT billing and coding, consider hiring a team of professionals to help you get on track. Clinical coding optimization is a serious business, and if your billing department has had a tough time since the ICD-10 changes, you need training and support. You might not have experienced any rejected or denied claims, but if your billing has slowed down to a crawl, it’s time to get help. MD Pro Solutions provides quality education, training, and support to Otolaryngology practices and clinics. Our goal is to assist in the areas where you need the most help.

Outsourcing billing and ENT services is another way to go. Some practices, under the sheer weight of ENT billing and coding, will temporarily outsource their services until training can be obtained. Your in-house billing staff needs to take the time to get the updated training and support that they need to keep going forward. Some administrators worry that switching to an outsourced solution means changing providers, software, or losing control over billing. However, the opposite is true. You will actually get more control over your billing department, and you don’t have to change your medical billing system.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Whatever path you take with your ENT billing and coding, whether you decide to get training and support or outsourcing billing ENT services, you will save money. Outsourcing is a very cost-effective way to manage your clinical coding optimization and claims submissions better. Training, education, and support pay off by delivering a more knowledgeable and experienced staff that can take on all of your medical billing services. You can have no more worries about coding errors, problems with comprehensive record-keeping, or rejected claims.

Studies show that the benefits associated with hiring a healthcare consultant to improve your practice management provides a healthy return on investment. That means whatever you invest in consultant fees, outsourcing billing and ENT services or education and support, you will get it back. Revenue improvement can be achieved simply by improving the billing process. As a result, customer service and patient satisfaction can also be raised due to the reduction of time spent on ENT billing and coding by your staff.

Process Improvements

No matter how long your practice has been open or how many years experience you have working in the medical field, there is always room for improvement. It can be difficult to admit that something would work better with a change, whether that change is big or small. Something can always be improved, whether it is clinical coding optimization, claims submission processing, patient check-in, comprehensive record-keeping or collections. Even a practice that at first appears to be a “well-oiled machine” can have underlying issues that need to be addressed.

When you work with our team of healthcare consultants to improve your ENT billing and coding, our findings may provide you with some perspective. Our many years of experience working with physicians, practice managers, and administrators throughout the Otolaryngology field has helped us to gain insight into best practices. We can help any practice or clinic, regardless of the size or longevity. Whether you need assistance with outsourcing billing and ENT services or simply want support for education and training, MD Pro Solutions can help.

Advantages of Outsourcing

For practices that are considering outsourcing billing and ENT services, there are many advantages. Higher collection rates can be obtained when you work with a professional medical billing service. This is due to medical billing and coding being the only thing that they do every day. These services have a much higher collection rate than even major hospitals, physicians with large practices, and specialized clinics. You will also experience a faster collection rate. Increasing cash flow is usually at the top of the list for any ENT billing and coding department.

MD Pro Solutions understands that you have your own unique needs and goals. Our many years of experience and focus on Otolaryngology helps us to take our consultation services and support even further. We can provide you and your team with industry and specialty-specific tools, education, training, and support to improve your current medical billing system. If outsourcing billing and ENT services is something that you are interested in doing, we can help you with that as well. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to learn more about all of the professional services we provide.