Establish Better Billing Practices: ENT Auditing and Reviews

Auditing and Comprehensive Record-KeepingWhile most people hire MD Pro Solutions to assist with account management and to outsource ENT billing, there are other benefit services provided as well. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare consultants will also provide you with a variety of audits and reviews. You can use these to make even more improvements to your existing billing practices and boost account management across the board. Our mission is to offer a series of solutions that you can use to your advantage. Coding and authorization training for your staff, credentialing and recredentialing services, and other options to outsource billing ENT services are all designed with the same goal in mind.

Ongoing Support & Services

Our healthcare consultants don’t just provide you with solutions and send you on your merry way to figure it out for yourself. We offer online support and continued training to ensure your ongoing success. We implement helpful changes and improvements to your ENT practice or clinic as part of our initial services. We continue providing you with a system of insightful audits and reviews designed to help keep you on track. Some of our checks and reports are used to help us pinpoint the areas that need the most help in the early stages of our service. However, some of our audits and reviews are used for ongoing assessments to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Some of the auditing and review services we provide include:

  • an annual fee schedule review
  • a yearly analysis of account management
  • chart auditing
  • surgical chart auditing
  • monthly reviews when you outsource ENT billing
  • monthly assessments of best practices
  • a regular summary of your medical billing system

There are many advantages associated with hiring our team of healthcare consultants and billing technicians at MD Pro Solutions. We understand that choosing to outsource billing ENT services is a big step for practices that have done their own billing and coding for many years. We work hard to provide you with assurances regarding the comprehensive and professional approach that we provide to our clients when your outsource ENT billing. Our consultation service will work with you every step of the way to enhance and improve the vital tasks associated with your ENT practice or clinic to improve patient care and billing revenue.

What to Expect

Our team of healthcare consultants will provide you with a complete review of your entire medical billing solution. This works to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all of the benefits that come from using that particular billing service. Many of our clients are missing vital options that they could have been using to make improvements all along. Our goal is to help you reduce costs and implement methods that will help you to maximize the return on your investment. Training can also be provided to your staff to help improve claims submissions and collections. While some clients choose to outsource ENT billing during training to help get “caught up” on existing claims during this process, it is not required. Authorization training, coding, billing, and claims submissions to third-party payers, Medicare and Medicaid can all be included in the training process.

After performing an evaluation, our healthcare consultants will also suggest the latest financial tools and provide you with information about ways to improve your current medical billing software. Once training and implementation are complete, we will follow up with you and your staff to ensure that the medical billing practices we suggested are working to improve patient services and office management. Our goal is to help you reduce the amount of time that is spent on collecting, processing, and worrying about claims and cash flow for your ENT practice or clinic. Our practices and procedures are also designed to increase productivity while boosting morale within your office.

Getting Started

All you need to do to get started on the path to creating better business practices for your Otolaryngology practice or clinic is to call MD Pro Solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced healthcare consultants can assist you with any of the professional services you require. Whether you choose to outsource billing ENT services or not, we can assist with hardware and software suggestions, authorization training, and support for your entire team. Call today at 508-946-1665 to speak with one of our agents or to schedule your initial consultation.