The Easy Way to Improve Account Management for ENT Practices

Improve ENT Account ManagementOne of the best ways to make improvements to your Otolaryngology practice or clinic is to consider outsourcing some of your professional services. Whether you choose to outsource medical billing and coding or if you need assistance with ENT account management, MD Pro Solutions can help. The medical billing industry has been changing at a rapid rate, leaving many practices without the training and resources they need to keep up and improve account management. As a result, many office managers are turning to experienced services like MD Pro Solutions to provide them with the training, support, and outsourced services they need to succeed.

Just One Call

It all starts with a phone call. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current practices and offer suggestions on services that can be used to improve ENT account management. If you have questions or concerns about choosing to outsource ENT billing or other services, we can address them during the consultation. Unlike other healthcare industry services, MD Pro Solutions does not require you to switch billing solutions when you work with our team. In fact, we will not pressure you to make changes if you are happy with your current provider. We will suggest upgrades and options based on the unique needs of your practice or clinic, but changing your medical billing and coding system is not a requirement of service.

Another concern that many practices have is about “losing control” when it comes to outsourcing services. With MDPro Solutions, you can take back your medical billing and coding whenever you are ready. Many of our clients choose to outsource ENT billing on a temporary basis while their staff is being trained or while new practices are being implemented. We also offer ongoing support to assist your team when they take back billing operations to ensure that they stay on top of future changes and regulations.

ENT Billing is Our Thing

Another advantage to choosing MD Pro Solutions is that we specialize in ENT account management, medical billing, and coding. Our team has over 45 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry, specializing in particular in Otolaryngology. When you choose to outsource ENT billing to MD Pro Solutions, you can count on our team of highly trained and experienced professionals to use all of our tools and solutions to your advantage. We rely on the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications to create solutions designed specifically for ENT practices, clinics, and physicians.

Our mission is to ensure that you and your team are accurately processing insurance claims according to the insurance provider and medical industry requirements. Over the years, we have been able to help our ENT physicians and practices to boost their revenue by at least 10 percent in just the first year alone. We know that you need assistance to increase your bottom line and reduce your workload, providing you with more time to focus on your patients. Our dedicated team of ENT account management and billing specialists will work with you to make sure you get paid what you deserve, identifying any issues before claims submission to reduce rejections and denials.

Advantages of MD Pro Solutions

Clients who take advantage of our services to improve account management, medical billing and coding experience a reduction in management overhead costs and an increase in practice profits. They have fewer rejections and denials from third-party payers, including insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid. Our clients are also able to improve collections and find new ways to save money when the outsource ENT billing. We can even assist with all of the day-to-day tasks associated with ENT account management, providing a proven, well-run system designed to keep it all under control.

Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to speak with one of our agents. We can answer any questions that you might have about our services for medical billing and coding, auditing and reviews, credentialing services, and ENT account management. Make the decision to get started right away to make positive changes that will help to improve account management across the board and get your practice or clinic ready for success.