The Advantages of Outsourcing ENT Billing and Coding Services

Advantage of Outsourcing ENT Billing ServicesNew practices and small practices will by far gain the most advantage out of outsourcing billing ENT services. Many physicians and office managers will initially make a choice to begin outsourcing their ENT billing and coding through a trusted provider. It is important to choose professional medical billing services that have experience with Otolaryngology, as the coding for this specialty is very specific and unique to this type of practice.

Larger practices can also find benefits in outsourcing. If your practice or clinic has had an increase in denied or rejected claims, a healthcare consultant might suggest outsourcing while you provide training and support to your billing department. If your employees are falling behind on billing services, resulting in a cash flow issue, outsourcing could be a temporary fix to get everything caught up and current.

Advantage #1 – More Efficient Staff

If you are having problems making sure that your employees have enough time in each day to take care of patient services and keep up with ENT billing and coding, outsourcing might be the answer. Take a look at your time management issues across the board from your front desk staff all the way to the back offices. A healthcare consultant can provide you with a complete analysis and help you find better ways to manage time and create a more efficient and effective work environment.

Advantage #2 – Increased Accuracy

When you work with a team of professionals for outsourcing billing ENT services, you will reduce the number of billing errors that occur with your accounts. The reason is that at MD Pro Solutions, our ENT billing and coding staff does nothing but billing and coding every day. Their entire focus is on keeping up with the latest coding requirements and techniques to provide our clients with the best services available. We provide our staff with the latest training and support to properly submit your medical claims. This helps to reduce errors and improve accuracy, but it also helps to maximize reimbursements and boost cash flow for your practice or clinic.

Advantage #3 – Save Money

You might think that it would cost more to outsource medical billing services, but the opposite is true. In fact, the average practice can save thousands of dollars each year in salaries, training, support, benefits, office supplies, furniture, as well as purchasing and upgrading billing software and computer equipment. Outsourcing billing ENT services will typically charge a flat rate per claim or charge clients based on a percentage of the reimbursement provided for each claim. This provides the ENT billing and coding service with motivation to increase the speed of submission for each claim and ensure accuracy to maximize the amount that they receive for each claim. It also will cost you less compared to what you would need to pay to set up an entire billing department at your practice or clinic to provide you with medical billing services in-house.

Advantage #4 – Ensure Compliance

One of the most significant issues facing busy practices these days is ensuring billing compliance. Because the healthcare industry has undergone so many substantial changes in recent years, many ENT billing and coding staff are overwhelmed and undertrained. Just the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition alone set back many practices and clinics and resulted in rejected or denied claims due to billing errors. Other changes, such as new regulations and requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers, have made it almost impossible for small or busy practices to stay ahead of the game. Outsourcing billing ENT services can be a temporary solution to help your staff get back on track, or it can be a solution that will help to streamline the office to ensure compliance with industry regulations and billing practices.

Advantage #5 – Boost Revenue

We have already discussed the reduction in overhead costs due to savings for in-house staff, supplies, computers, and training. However, beyond those advantages revenue can still be increased due to more timely submission of medical claims, resulting in increased reimbursements. With proper coding, a higher profit can also be assured, preventing your practice from “leaving money on the table” through coding errors. By boosting revenue, you will be able to successfully grow your practice, provide better services to your patients, and create a better work environment for everyone involved.

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