Easy Way to Meet Latest Requirements for ENT Billing Services

ENT Industry Requirements for Billing and CodingAre you looking for a simpler way to stay on top of all the day-to-day tasks associated with account management for your Otolaryngology practice or clinic? The best way to get in control and remain in control is to have a well-planned, well-run system in place. If you don’t take control over your medical billing services, everything will eventually fall apart. One way to achieve this is to hire a consultant to assist your billing department with training and support for all of your Otolaryngology billing and coding needs. Another way is to make a bold change and consider outsourcing billing and ENT services to a team of professionals.

At MD Pro Solutions, our trained and experienced consultants can help you get into a better position that will allow your employees to provide the best possible care to your patients. By taking care of the details related to account management and by assisting your front desk staff in making improvements to medical insurance verification and co-payment collection, we can help you make great strides toward achieving professional success. We start by providing a comprehensive assessment of your current billing system and policies.

We Specialize in Otolaryngology, Too!

Our clients trust us to provide them with quality outsourcing of billing ENT services, training, and support because we have decades of experience working with Ear, Nose, and Throat practices and clinics. In fact, Otolaryngology billing and coding is all we do! The healthcare industry is rapidly changing, and it pays to have someone on your side who can help you stay on top of all the latest requirements and regulations. From medical billing services to medical insurance verification, claims submissions, and everything in between, we have the tools necessary to ensure that your team is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Your goals are our goals too. We work together with you and your staff to maximize your earning potential while reducing workplace stress. Should you choose to retain your in-house billing department, we will work with you to provide training, education, and ongoing support to help your employees to navigate all of the industry changes and put you in the best position to thrive.

Continued changes to medical billing and the recently imposed federal regulations have made it very difficult for physicians and clinics to keep up and maintain a steady flow of reimbursements from third-party payers. Regular updates, online support, and other services can be provided to your staff to prevent them from getting behind in their Otolaryngology billing and coding workload. Our goal is to help you save time and money while protecting your business from potential fraud or complications due to under- or over-coding habits. In-house billing and outsourcing billing and ENT services are both available through MD Pro Solutions.

All the Services You Need

In addition to assisting your staff with training and support or providing outsourced medical billing services, our team has a wide range of other professional services that are available to help improve your account management abilities. We can also provide scheduled account reviews for continued account management checks and balances, preventing your team from getting too far behind or allowing revenue to drop significantly. Training and education opportunities are also available for front desk staff, providing tips for collecting co-payments and deductibles from payments effectively and performing tasks related to medical insurance verification.

Our team will provide your billing staff with a complete analysis of current medical billing services and updates for all medical billing codes. We will work with you directly to review all forms, medical systems, and billing programs that are currently in use to help you maximize the potential of each tool. Our consultants can show you how to increase receipts through charge capture, coding help, and “no-show” rates for patients. This will help your entire office to run more efficiently and assist in “training” your patients on how to work with the changes to the medical insurance industry and avoid late fees or other related charges. We can even assist with fraud prevention through the use of offside audits performed by a professional CPA who specializes in medical billing services.

Contact MD Pro Solutions by calling 508-946-1665 and speak with one of our agents about your needs for Otolaryngology billing and coding. Whether you require education, training, and support for your in-house billing department or if you are interested in getting an estimate for outsourcing billing ENT services, we can help. Call today and learn more about all of the valuable professional services available through MD Pro Solutions.