Outsourcing Billing ENT Services: 10 Reasons Why You Should

Have you been thinking about outsourcing your ENT billing and coding? You aren’t alone. A lot of practices and clinics have made a move to outsourcing billing ENT services as a way to improve account management. However, there are lots of other benefits as well. If you are thinking about outsourcing, but aren’t sure where to start, contact MD Pro Solutions. We specialize in providing professional consulting services, training, and support to Otolaryngology specialists. All we do is work with Ear Nose and Throat professionals like yourself. The services we offer are targeted to your specialty, helping you to increase revenue and better manage your ENT practice.

Reason #1 – Reduce Phone Calls

Wouldn’t you like to cut down on the number of calls that come into your busy practice each day? Instead of focusing on patient care, many offices are bogged down with answering calls related to ENT billing and coding instead. Third-party payers, Medicare, Medicaid, and patient billing issues can clog up your phones and distract you from the work at hand. Outsourcing billing ENT services means taking all of that out of your office and turning it over to a team of professionals who will handle it for you.

Reason #2 – Increased Space

Take out the computers, printers, and furniture required for ENT billing and coding and you’ve got more office space that can be used for something even better.

Reason #3 – No Worries About Turnover

If your top biller quits or retires, it can be devastating to a busy practice that is already running behind on claims submissions. When you outsource ENT billing it doesn’t matter who leaves or stays, the team that you hire will work without fail and never fall behind due to holidays, vacations, sick days, or turnover.

Reason #4 – Pay Based on Performance

When you outsource your ENT billing and coding, you aren’t stuck paying a flat salary and benefits package for an employee who may or may not produce. Outsource services are typically charged based on performance, meaning that you might pay one rate one month and another rate the next, all corresponding to the percentage of collections for the billing service.

Reason #5 – Better Relationship With Insurance Companies

Because all they do is outsourcing billing ENT services, outsourced services build relationships with insurance companies to help anticipate rule changes and submit better claims for faster reimbursements.

Reason #6 – Documentation for Audit

If you were to be audited throughout the course of your business, you would have an expert on your side with complete documentation about the ENT billing and coding that has been done for your practice or clinic. This is why hiring a professional service is so important. One day you will rely on them to have your back.

Reason #7 – Monthly Reports and Billing Data

When you work with a billing service, you can improve account management and have a better picture of the entire office through all of the billing data and monthly reports that you will receive. This can help you make more informed decisions and influence positive change throughout your practice.

Reason #8 – Better Control Over Receivables

Can you provide detailed information about how many of your claims are 30 days, 60 days or 90 days outstanding? When you work with ENT billing and coding professionals, you will have access to so much data that you will be able to identify which insurance companies are the most beneficial, and which ones might not be worth your time to work with in the future.

Reason #9 – Increased Revenue

Because a team of professionals is on top of your accounts without fail, you will see increased revenue over your current practices. Most ENT doctors and practices that we work with have been able to improve their success and boost revenue by at least 10 percent in just the first year alone.

Reason #10 – Confidence

Not knowing what is going on with your ENT billing and coding department can lead to stress and frustration. Outsourcing billing ENT services can provide you with the confidence in knowing that the work is being done, that claims are being submitted in a timely manner, and that everyone is up-to-date on the latest codes and requirements.

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