Is It Time to Outsource ENT Billing to Improve Your Practice?

Outsourcing Medical Billing for ENT PracticesOne of the things that can hold back a growing Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practice, is problems with in-house billing. Outsourcing medical billing services can free up your team to focus on providing patient care instead of worrying about Otolaryngology billing and coding responsibilities. While some physicians are concerned that outsourcing these services may cause them to “lose control” over their billing department, the truth is that when you outsource ENT billing to a reputable and experienced provider, you actually gain more control than you’ve ever had before. Proper coding and timely claims submission, comprehensive record-keeping and data reports for every patient you see, are just some of the benefits to outsourcing with a company like MD Pro Solutions.

What to Expect With Outsourcing

When you contact our team to discuss improvements that can be made to your Otolaryngology billing and coding, expect to receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current practices. This will help us – and you – to identify the areas that require the most immediate attention. We can help you decide if you should outsource ENT billing and coding or if you should focus on providing education and training to improve comprehensive record-keeping and billing practices in-house. Either way, we do not require our clients to change their medical billing services, but will instead work with you to ensure that you are maximizing the abilities of your current billing system.

Medical billing services, in general, is a pretty broad field. However, MD Pro Solutions only works with clients who are in the specialized area of Otolaryngology. What that means is that our team is totally focused on the billing, coding, and administration needs of ENT practices, clinics, and surgical centers to ensure top quality results. With over 50 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry through the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications, we have developed a series of solutions designed specifically for ENT doctors and practices. As a result, most of our clients have been able to make positive improvements and increase revenue by at least ten percent in the first year alone.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

There are many reasons why physicians choose to ultimately outsource ENT billing to a company like MD Pro Solutions. The first is usually due to employee issues, such as staff having to split their attention between Otolaryngology billing and coding with patient services. Retaining qualified employees who can handle this type of work can also be frustrating, as many of the changes in the healthcare industry have made it a challenge to hire and keep billing professionals. When you outsource these services, you no longer have to worry about employee retention, sick days, vacations, or busy days when no one is able to get to claims submissions or follow up on payments.

Other advantages to outsourcing medical billing services include:

  • billing staff cost savings – including salary, insurance, and benefits, as well as ongoing training and support, office space and furniture
  • claim processing costs – most medical billing services charge a percentage of the amount collected as their fee instead of a set cost per claim, reducing the amount paid for processing significantly
  • revenue collections – because outsourcing services only get paid on what they collect, the incentive to increase revenue collection helps to boost overall collections; this is one of the reasons why most of our clients have been able to increase revenue by at least ten percent within the first year

It’s Not Just About the Money

However, one thing that many physicians fail to realize is that choosing to outsource ENT billing and coding is not just about the cost savings and increased revenue, but about taking back control over their office. When your employees are spread thin and have to split their time between Otolaryngology billing and coding or spending time providing patient services, you know it’s time to make a change. Your patients should be your number one focus. While your staff needs to remain up-to-date on requirements for comprehensive record-keeping and insurance authorization to ensure payment for services rendered, they should not have to juggle patient services with billing and coding.

When you remove the billing department from your practice or clinic, you are left with a more positive working environment that allows your staff to provide excellent care services. Your patients will notice, and customer satisfaction will significantly improve, helping you to grow your business and provide care to more patients in the future. Outsourcing medical billing services can have many positive effects on ENT physicians and their entire office. Contact MD Pro Solutions to learn more about our consulting, education, and outsourcing services to find out what approach would be best for you and your practice. Call 508-946-1665 to speak with a team member to get started.