Medical Billing, Education & Training for Busy ENT Practices

ENT billing and coding training and educationWhile it might seem like working with medical billing services should be a straight-forward action that occurs daily at even the busiest ENT practices, the truth is that many offices are behind on patient billing and claims submissions. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact your practice before you know it, resulting in delayed, denied or rejected payments and causing cash flow issues for staff payroll, office supplies, utilities, and even rent. A good office manager should be on top of medical billing education and training for Otolaryngology, bringing in a specialized healthcare consultant to ensure that everything is working as it should. Authorization training, audits of coding procedures, and issues with delinquent claims should be handled as soon as a problem is noticed.

What is Required for Medical Billing Services?

Your in-house medical billing team or outsourced service works with a simple process to code and submit claims to insurance providers. Patient information is entered into the software program and then the corresponding CPT, and ICD-10 codes are entered into the patient’s record. Claims should be transmitted electronically to insurance providers. Once received, the third-party payers review and either pay or reject the claims based on the information provided. Payments get posted to the patient accounts by the receivables department, and in-house staff should review patient accounts to determine which bills have not been paid on time. Delinquent claims should be followed through on by contacting insurance providers.

If any claims are rejected, the medical billing staff needs to review the audit report and correct any errors that are listed. Rejected claims can then be resubmitted according to the requirements, and a note should be made in the patient file to avoid any misunderstandings. If you have dedicated staff in-house that takes care of your medical billing services, then this is what they should be doing day-in and day-out to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. However, if there is an unusually high number of rejected or denied claims, an audit with a reputable and experienced healthcare consultant may be in order. Authorization training for front desk staff, updated coding classes for medical billing education and training, as well as anything else that is being overlooked, should be addressed.

Best Practices in Medical Billing Services

When you work with a healthcare consultant organization like MD Pro Solutions, you will notice that our team doesn’t just want your employees to do their very best, they encourage them to learn and do more to achieve “best practices” status for your medical billing services. If your team is not able to keep up with the daily tasks associated with medical billing and claims submissions, you might want to consider outsourcing. Outsourcing your medical billing services to a third-party might sound like you are giving up, but there are plenty of practices, clinics, and hospitals that have used outsourced billing services as a tool to help provide education and training to their in-house staff. Once you are ready to “take the reigns” and get back to doing your billing in-house, our team will help you with the transition.

Authorization training, along with more detailed coding and medical billing education and training, should all strive to stay on top of the latest medical tools and technology. This will not only help you to get on top of your medical coding and billing, but it will help you be ready for whatever changes the healthcare industry is preparing to make in the future. A lot of practices fell behind on billing and lost billable income due to the confusion surrounding the ICD-10 changes. Prevent this from ever happening to your practice by working with a reputable healthcare consultant that specializes in Otolaryngology billing, coding, and services. We know what you need to be successful and we can help get your in-house staff up to speed with the latest techniques and methods used for best practices.

Contact MD Pro Solutions for Education & Training

If your in-house medical billing services need help, contact our team for all of the medical billing education and training you need to succeed. Part of our consultation service is to provide education and training in the areas that your staff needs it the most. So while some practices may require assistance with coding, others may need authorization training or support for better collections of co-pays and deductibles. We can even work with your front desk staff to improve knowledge of billing and coding procedures to ensure that you get paid for everything that you do. We can optimize your coding system to help you maximize your earning potential while protecting your practice from fraud or billing inaccuracies.

Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to speak with a healthcare consultant about our options for improving medical billing services. We can offer custom quotes for outsourcing medical billing and coding, provide detailed information about authorization training and other educational programs, or schedule an appointment for a FREE initial consultation. Call today and take the first step at improving your ENT practice’s medical billing and coding procedures.