The Best Case for Outsourcing ENT Billing and Coding Services

outsource medical billing and codingHave you been thinking about outsourcing billing ENT services for your Otolaryngology practice or clinic? What stopped you from taking the necessary steps to have your billing and coding services handled by a team of professionals? Many office managers and physicians mistakenly assume that when they outsource ENT billing, they lose control over their billing department. The truth is that outsourcing these services can actually put you back in control, help you to maximize your revenues, and protect your business from potential fraud. In addition to outsourcing medical billing, MD Pro Solutions can assist with consultation and support for everything from office management techniques to surgical chart auditing.

Reason #1 – Faster Payments

When asked about the benefits of outsourcing billing ENT services, the majority of practice managers and physicians stated that faster payments was the number one advantage. When you work with a team of professionals to outsource ENT billing, the number of billing errors and rejected claims are significantly reduced. What this means is faster payments and reimbursements without delays, providing your practice with more consistent revenue to allow expansion of services and overall business growth. Professional billing and coding services will often work closely with the insurance companies and third-party payers to better understand their process and requirements, further improving the revenue cycle for their clients.

Reason #2 – Lower Costs

While it might not seem like you would save money by choosing to outsource ENT billing services, practices can significantly lower their overhead by moving billing and coding services out of the office. Consider all of the expenses for performing billing in-house, including computer hardware, software, peripherals, office supplies, office furniture, and the necessary space for the billing department. Then think about how much it costs to recruit properly trained and experienced staff, provide ongoing training, perform regular evaluations, and maintain those employees with salaries, hourly wages, insurance, and benefits. If one of your billing staff members falls ill or takes a vacation, it can seriously impact your ability to keep up with the work that needs to be done.

Reason #3 – Reduce Stress

Outsourcing billing ENT services means moving the stress and problems associated with billing and coding services outside of your office. You have enough responsibilities that require your constant attention to ensure quality patient care and treatment. You will free up a lot of time when you outsource ENT billing to a third-party team of professionals. In fact, they can even offer extra services, such as fast and accurate credentialing, surgical chart auditing, and provide comprehensive reports that can help you to make better business decisions. Stop wasting time worrying about your medical billing department. Put your focus back on your patients and the other day-to-day responsibilities of running a successful medical practice.

Reason #4 – Improved Operations

Working with a company like MD Pro Solutions has many advantages. In addition to helping our clients outsource ENT billing services, we can also assist in other ways. We offer training, education, and continued online support for every member of your team, front the front desk staff to the administrative department. We can help you improve account management capabilities, assist with auditing and reviews to make your office more efficient, offer reporting and communications services that provide you with insight into office operations, and much more. Don’t just outsource ENT billing, put your practice in experienced and capable hands when you hire our team to offer consultation and support services.

Reason #5 – Prepare for Change

When the healthcare industry makes changes to the way that billing and coding services are performed, your practice will be ready to meet the challenge head-on. Many practices and clinics across the nation were caught off-guard by the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Claims were rejected, payments were delayed, and many lost money in the process. Outsourcing billing ENT services means never having to worry if your in-house billing team is prepared for industry changes. Professional billing and coding services provide their staff with regular training, testing, and optimization to ensure that they are working above and beyond the expectations of industry regulations and insurance company requirements.

Make a Positive Change for Your ENT Practice

Are you ready to take your Otolaryngology practice or clinic to the next level? Contact MD Pro Solutions to discuss all of the ways that we can help you to make improvements to your existing procedures that will boost revenues, increase patient care opportunities, and help you to grow your business. Call today at 508-946-1665 and speak with one of our experienced consultants about our education and training programs, surgical chart auditing services, or outsource options for billing and coding services.