Medical Billing Services: Why You Should Outsource ENT Billing

outsource ENT billing solutionsBusy Otolaryngology practices that are struggling to meet the increased demands of medical billing and coding should seriously consider outsourcing their medical billing solutions to a team of professionals. For that matter, new practices can also benefit greatly from making the decision to outsource ENT billing and coding. There are many advantages associated with outsourcing these services to a company like MD Pro Solutions. Increased revenues, faster reimbursements, comprehensive record-keeping, and useful billing statistics are just some of the ways that outsourced services can help practice managers, administrators, and physicians to take their business to the next level.

Reason #1 – COST

It might seem strange to think that paying a company to do something that you currently handle in-house could save you money, but it’s true. Consider the cost of employing a complete staff for billing purposes. It is a pre-defined expense that includes recruitment, retention, wages, benefits, insurance, and worker’s compensation, as well as costs associated with keeping up with computers, software, office space, furniture, and other supplies. When you outsource ENT billing, you only pay based on what is collected. That means that the cost of doing business with regard to professional medical billing solutions is on a sliding scale each month based on your revenue. No other overhead costs are incurred, as the company takes care of replacing sick or vacationing employees, as well as providing all training, support, hardware, and software.


Because the outsourcing company only focuses on providing comprehensive record-keeping and medical billing solutions for ENT billing and coding, they are focused on getting claims submitted right away without delay. They have a real incentive for ensuring that claims are filed properly and appropriately, which results in decreased rejections and denials to increase your revenue. They are also more diligent about providing faster collections and resubmitting any claims that require more information because they only get paid when you get paid via reimbursements from the third-party payers.


When you work with professional medical billing solutions to outsource ENT billing and coding, you gain access to certified billing experts that have the education, ongoing training, and technology necessary to stay current with the latest healthcare laws. These resources work to ensure that your claims are compliant with those requirements. Outsourced billing companies have much more expertise and support in the area of medical billing and coding for Otolaryngology practices and clinics to guarantee the best possible results.

Reason #4 – TIME

When you are no longer concerned with making sure that your billing department is keeping up with claims submissions or having to track down payments, you have more time to focus on the growth of your business. This means more time for providing patient care and services, more time to expand your practice, and more time to ensure that your employees are properly trained and working at their full capacity. By removing medical billing and coding from your office, you gain a whole new perspective on managing and operating an ENT practice, without all of the negativity that can come from dealing with claims on a daily basis.


One of the biggest complaints that patients often have regarding a medical practice is their billing procedures. When you outsource ENT billing to a team of professionals, you can rest assured that your claims submissions and payments will be handled in a truly professional manner. Our comprehensive record-keeping skills and knowledge of Otolaryngology coding and claims procedures help us to provide you with the very best in medical billing solutions and techniques. In fact, the majority of our clients report an increase in revenue by as much as ten percent within the first year alone.

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