Improve Account Management With Professional Audits & Reviews

Do the words “chart auditing” make you want to run for cover? While many physicians and practice managers only use offside CPA audits and surgical chart auditing when their billing department is in trouble, the truth is that these are valuable tools that should be used more frequently. If you want to improve account management, you’ve got to be willing to submit to professional audits and reviews from a third-party provider. MD Pro Solutions offers a wide range of services to Ear Nose and Throat practices, including healthcare consulting services, medical billing training and education, offside CPA audits, and of course, routine chart auditing.

Quality of Care

One of the primary reasons to perform regular audits is to identify issues that can cause your practice to be inefficient or ineffective concerning patient care. Making improvements to the quality of care that you can provide will help to grow your business and increase your reputation within the medical community. Routine surgical chart auditing and offside CPA audits can reveal kinks in the existing medical billing process or help you figure out new ways to deliver excellent customer care to your patients. Working with reputable healthcare consulting services and performing regular reviews can help you get these answers and more.

Chart audits can be used to study just about any aspect of patient care. A great deal of information about the patient’s experience is documented within their medical record. You can select a specific patient, perhaps someone who has expressed frustration at their experience or choose a random file. Surgical chart audits and general chart audits can be used to identify issues with billing and coding that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. Poor coding, skipped billing, improper filing – these are all common problems experienced by practices across the country.

Healthcare Consulting Services

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to complete a professional consultation for your ENT practice, you can expect to learn a lot. Whether the evaluation focuses primarily on billing and coding services or other areas to improve account management, we can offer a wide range of audits and reviews according to your needs. A detailed evaluation will also help us to pinpoint the areas that require the most education and support so we can better serve you with our healthcare consulting services. Understanding your goals and the system that you are currently using will help us to make more informed suggestions.

Some of the services that we provide in this area include:

  • annual chart auditing
  • surgical chart auditing
  • annual fee schedule review
  • yearly analysis of account management
  • offside CPA audits

Communication is Key

When we work with an Otolaryngology client to provide services designed to improve account management, our success depends much on the connection and relationship that we foster together. One of the most significant advantages associated with choosing MD Pro Solutions for your medical consultant services is that we are committed to providing each client with reports and regular communications to ensure complete satisfaction. You won’t have to chase us down for information; we will give it on a regular basis and go over any questions or concerns you might have about the results.

We can create custom reports designed to provide specific information at the request of our clients, as well as comprehensive regular monthly reports that reveal a wide spectrum of data about your practice. Our consulting and outsourcing services are designed to improve account management and ensure that you are getting the most out of your existing system or service. Whether you decide to hire our staff for the education and training of your team or if you want to outsource medical billing services to improve patient care, account management, and collections, is all up to you and your goals for working with our healthcare consulting services.

To get a FREE estimate for our services or take advantage of our offer for a NO COST initial evaluation, give us a call at 508-946-1665. We can answer any questions you might have about our surgical chart auditing, annual chart auditing, and offside CPA audits and how they can help you to improve account management at your practice or clinic. Call today to get started with our healthcare consulting services at MD Pro Solutions.