Specialty Healthcare Consulting for ENT Billing and Coding

When you hire a healthcare consultant to evaluate and provide support for your ENT practice or clinic, it is similar to hiring an expert in any other field to provide guidance and supervision for a project. Sometimes it takes someone who is outside of your office and away from the day-to-day tasks of managing the practice and dealing with patients to see changes that need to be made. Working with a specialty healthcare consulting group like MD Pro Solutions that specializes in Otolaryngology practices and clinics gives you a clear advantage whether you want help with ENT billing and coding or require fast and accurate credentialing for a new team member.

What Does MD Pro Solutions Do?

Our team focuses on providing medical consultation services to doctors and practices that are dedicated to the field of Otolaryngology. We don’t work with general practitioners, hospital emergency rooms or surgical centers, just ENT practices, and clinics. The medical billing industry can be extremely broad and generic. We believe that by focusing specifically on the needs of Ear Nose and Throat clients that we are better equipped to tackle issues concerning ENT billing and coding, account management, and other related services. Our specialty healthcare consulting services come from more than 50 years of combined experience working in the medical administration and billing industry, so we know a lot about this area.

Many of the services we provide are offered through the use of our proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications. We have developed a series of solutions designed specifically for Otolaryngology clients, along with standard industry services. When you hire a healthcare consultant through MD Pro Solutions, we can offer a great deal of training, services, and support. For example, our ENT billing and coding team can provide online support for your staff, as well as education programs, testing, and even outsourced services for medical billing services, depending on your needs. We do not require our clients to change their billing software, but work with them to make sure they are using it to its full potential.

Increase Revenue & Protect Your Business

One of the biggest reasons why our clients come to us is because they have expressed a desire to make improvements to ENT billing and coding, collections, and to protect their business from fraud or billing inaccuracies. Our specialty healthcare consulting services have been able to improve the success of client billing procedures, helping them to increase revenue by at least ten percent in just the first year alone. Founded by a group of medical practitioners and practice administrators who specialize in Otolaryngology, MD Pro Solutions is able to understand the needs of our clients and develop solutions that will provide them with the best possible results.

Additional services include robust reporting and communications, auditing and reviews, fast and accurate credentialing services, account management support, and online training, testing, and support for ENT billing and coding staff. There are many benefits associated with practices that hire a healthcare consultant, such as being able to greatly enhance the services that physicians and practice staff are able to provide to patients. Being able to boost revenue, ensure accurate coding, increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and improve staff morale is just icing on the cake. MD Pro Solutions can work with your team to suggest the latest tools and discuss new ways to improve your billing and management experience through education and support.

Specialized Credentialing Services

MD Pro Solutions also offers fast and accurate credentialing to our clients for insurance payers. We do not provide this service for hospital privileges or other types of credentialing. We do initial credentialing and recredentialing services for every provider in your office. Our team can ensure comprehensive record-keeping of all applications made to the insurance companies, along with the completion and storage of all 855s for Medicare patients. We can prepare applications, including all of the relevant documents that need to be attached. Our skilled and experienced team delivers personalized service, including on-site visits to your facility when they are required.

To learn more about our specialty healthcare consulting services, fast and accurate credentialing, or education and support for ENT billing and coding, give us a call at 508-946-1665. We can answer any questions you might have about how to hire a healthcare consultant or what you can expect from our specialized consulting services.