Hire Healthcare Consultant for a More Efficient ENT Practice

Clinical coding optimization and online support are just part of the big picture when it comes to creating a more efficient and productive workplace. Your Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practice can benefit greatly from hiring a professional medical consultant who is experienced in the demands and requirements of Otolaryngology account management. MD Pro Solutions works with each client as an individual to find the best services, solutions, and opportunities based on their unique needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and insight necessary to improve your ENT office efficiency, patient satisfaction, and your practice’s bottom line. Surgical chart auditing, an overall healthcare audit of your business end, and other essential services can help you to better achieve your goals.

Why Hire a Professional Medical Consultant?

There are many things that a third-party consultant can do that would otherwise be impossible for you to do yourself. When someone comes in from the outside, they have a better perspective of your practice and the way you do business. They do not have any preconceived ideas about how things should run, nor do they have any biases about staff members and the way that they perform their daily tasks. A professional medical consultant can help you to identify standard practices that can waste time and, ultimately, cost you money. A patient flow map is just one of the tools that consultants use to track the movement of each patient from the initial phone call through the appointment, treatment, and billing services.

We work with you to find ways to reduce the amount of time spent on medical billing, including techniques and methods for streamlining clinical coding optimization. Our team of highly trained and experienced consultants uses a variety of techniques, including an in-depth healthcare audit to include surgical chart auditing, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This is the best way to get the best possible performance out of each member of your medical staff, from the employees at the front desk all the way through to the billing department. We offer a variety of education, training, and support services that you can use to make improvements in areas that need help when you work with one of our professional medical consultant programs.

Improving Office Policies and Procedures

One of the ways that MD Pro Solutions can help you to maximize the services that you provide to your patients is to assist in the development of more efficient policies and procedures. This is why we begin each new working relationship with a comprehensive evaluation and healthcare audit of your facility. It helps us to identify the areas that require the most help and ensure that the professional medical consultant assigned to your account knows as much as they can about your operation. You might be surprised at the benefits associated with merely collecting the patient’s medical history ahead of the appointment. Filling this out at the office can delay the actual start of the visit and create a pile of forms that must be processed along with each patient.

We recommend the latest and most effective software programs and systems that you can use to your advantage – providing the means for patients to fill out forms online ahead of their appointment safely and securely that protects their vital information throughout the process. Medical history can take on average 20 minutes per patient to complete. If your practice sees 20 patients per day, that adds up to 400 minutes of time wasted at the office that could be spent doing other things, this idea can also be applied to insurance verification and other essential duties that could be handled online or over the phone prior to the appointment, saving time and streamlining your office procedures.

What to Expect

When you hire MD Pro Solutions as a professional medical consultant, you won’t just get education, training, and support for better clinical coding optimization, offside CPA audits and surgical chart auditing, or other healthcare audit services. You will also gain many years of experience, training, and practice within the specific field of Otolaryngology designed to help you to take control of your office and ensure you are prepared for the future.

Some of the services we provide to our clients include:

  • detailed monthly reports and ongoing client support designed to improve decisions through better information
  • ability to keep your current medical billing software or provider – we do not pressure our clients to switch to our billing services or change providers
  • the opportunity to maximize the way that you use your current system to ensure that you are getting the most out of your medical billing software
  • implementation of solid medical billing practices to improve account receivables management
  • suggestion and assistance with policies and procedures designed to enhance patient services and protect your practice
  • new staff policies designed to increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and boost morale across the board

Ready to get started with MD Pro Solutions? Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to discuss your needs with a professional medical consultant. We can assist with credentialing services, auditing and reviews, account management programs, training and education, ongoing support, and much more. Speak with one of our agents to learn everything you need to know about our services and the opportunities we can provide.