The Best Strategy to Keep Up With Healthcare Industry Changes

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s physicians and medical practice managers is being able to keep up with all of the healthcare industry changes. It seems as though every day, there is something new that must be learned, changed, or adjusted to meet the ever-growing demand. Many practices suffered when the ICD-10 changes took hold, requiring the assistance of professional healthcare consultants to help them get back on track. Fast and accurate credentialing or recredentialing services can help to ensure that your physicians are able to work with insurance companies so they can accurately bill for services. Offside CPA audits can be used to check the work of in-house billing departments when rejected, or denied claims increase suddenly. Whatever your needs, MD Pro Solutions can work with you and your team to find a way to make improvements and changes that will help you to succeed.

Education and Training: The Key to Success

It doesn’t matter what part you play in the medical field; education and training are essential. The more you know, the better you will be able to do your job. Ongoing education helps to keep busy practices and administrators on top of industry changes and stay ahead of the curve. Consultants can be extremely helpful in this area, offering an impartial voice that can assist with identifying small issues before they become big problems. There are many instances where someone coming in from the outside has a better perspective to spot the areas that need the most help. In addition to consulting, MD Pro Solutions also offers the education, training, and support that your team needs to overcome any billing issues and get back on track.

In addition to educational support, we can also offer temporary, short-term, and ongoing outsourced ENT billing services. Each client has different needs and goals, so we make sure to provide a wide array of solutions to best meet their requirements. A medical practice is a business, and it needs to be run as such. It’s difficult to start making plans for the future or grow your business if you are too busy putting out fires or having to go behind your staff to make sure day-to-day operations are being performed correctly. Problem-solving does not have to be something that you do alone. Our team of professionals can help you in the ways that you need most without pressuring you to outsource, switch medical billing systems, or anything else that you want to keep.

Auditing and Reviews for ENT Practices

Another service that we provide to benefit our clients is professional offside CPA audits and reviews. When you hire our team to offer a comprehensive consultation for your billing and management of an ENT practice or clinic, we also deliver a variety of audits and reviews for you to use in your decision-making process. Before we make any changes or you agree to work with any of the programs that we offer, we have found that knowledge and understanding of what is happening and what is at stake will yield the best results. We work with you and your team to improve account management from the ground up, starting with a complete audit of your current operation.

Some of the other reviews and audits that we offer to help stay on top of the healthcare industry and ICD-10 changes, as well as other regulatory updates, include annual chart auditing, surgical chart auditing, a yearly fee schedule review, and a complete annual analysis of ENT account management procedures. Our fast and accurate credentialing and recredentialing services are available for every provider in your office. We can take care of all the essential documents with each completed application, including current licensing, declarations pages, certifications, CMEs, and malpractice narratives before sending it to your office for signatures. Initial credentialing and recredentialing services are essential for any ENT practice or clinic to function correctly.

Communication Makes the Difference

One of the things that you will notice right away about MD Pro Solutions is that we believe firmly in communicating effectively with our clients. We won’t overload you with emails, phone calls, and letters, but offer instead a variety of monthly reports that you can use as needed to keep track of your account management. Our goal is to provide you with more time to focus on your patients without burdening or overwhelming you with paperwork. Contact our team today to learn more about our consulting services, reporting, and communications for Ear Nose and Throat practices and clinics. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 and speak with one of our representatives about your needs.