Education and Support to Improve ENT Medical Billing Services

One of the best ways to make positive changes within your ENT practice or clinic is to focus on education and support for your employees. Authorization training, updated coding and procedures for medical billing services, insurance verification processes, and other essential skills are instrumental in a successful medical business. Many physicians and administrative staff were caught off-guard by the fallout from the recent ICD-10 changes. Avoid this kind of set-back in the future by implementing an ongoing training and support program with MD Pro Solutions. Our team of highly trained consultants, educators, and support staff can provide you and your employees with the education, information, and guidance they need to succeed.

We Specialize in Otolaryngology

MD Pro Solutions provides medical billing services, consultation, and training to Otolaryngology practices and clinics. Our entire team of experts has many years of experience working solely with Ear Nose and Throat specialty management, billing, and coding. Whether you require assistance with authorization training, insurance verification, or day-to-day claims submissions, our services can help you to not just survive the anticipated changes in the healthcare industry, but to rise above them and thrive. Don’t get caught by the next wave of industry regulations and requirements. Our team can help your front desk and billing staff to navigate ICD-10 changes and anything else that comes along.

We work with every member of your team to ensure that all staff, from the reception and appointment desk through to the billing department, has the tools they need to effectively and efficiently run your office. Our goal is to work with you to optimize your coding system to help you maximize your earning potential while protecting your practice at the same time from billing inaccuracies or fraud. Because we work exclusively with Otolaryngology physicians, practices, and clinics, we understand the coding areas that are most important to your office and can help get your employees up-to-date with the latest industry requirements and government regulations to expedite claims processing and ensure accuracy.

MD Pro Solutions: What We Do

Our goal is to work with each client to ensure that we provide the type and level of education, training, and support required to help them to improve account management and increase revenue. Authorization training, testing, and screening is a big part of the services that we offer. ICD-10 changes education and training, as well as ongoing support for billing departments that are still struggling to keep up with these latest changes. Online training and testing for all staff, as well as education on patient financial policies, development of policy manuals, and training for front desk staff on insurance verification and the impact it has on your medical billing services.

When every department within your office is working together toward a common goal and each employee has the training, education, and support necessary to do their very best, it all comes together to help you reach your goals. Our comprehensive approach to education and training for Otolaryngology practices and clinics provides proven results. We do not require our clients to change their medical billing services. If you are happy with the services that you currently have, we will work with you to ensure that your staff is accurately processing insurance claims according to insurance and industry requirements, while maximizing the potential of your existing medical billing program.

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions

Most of the ENT physicians and practices that we work with have been able to improve the success of their billing procedures and increase revenue by at least ten percent in the first year alone. We have over 45 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry. Through the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications, we have been able to develop a series of solutions designed specifically for ENT practices and clinics. We work with each client to help them boost revenue, improve the effectiveness of their medical billing services, and provide every member of their team with the education, authorization training, and support they need to succeed.

Medical billing services, administration, and management within the healthcare industry is a pretty broad spectrum. To better serve our clients, we focus only on the area of Otolaryngology to provide them with the services they need, and nothing they don’t. Founded by a group of medical practitioners and practice administrators, we can understand your needs and develop solutions because we have worked with it and used it ourselves. We recognize that the only way to navigate the complex task of day-to-day medical billing and management is to stay on top of education and training to provide every member of your team with a firm grasp on medical insurance industry expectations and regulations.

Get Started Today

Start the new year off right with authorization training, insurance verification education, and support for medical billing services by hiring MD Pro Solutions. We will offer you a FREE initial evaluation so we can determine the areas where you need the most assistance. Discuss your goals, problems, and needs with our team, whether that means additional support for adjusting to ICD-10 changes or learning how to train front desk staff to collect adequate information. We can help you to achieve your goals and run your office more effectively and efficiently. Give us a call at 508-946-1665 to speak with one of our experienced consultants.